Points To Consider While Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo

You must be aware that Kilimanjaro belongs one among the tallest seven summits in the world. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an exhilarating trekking challenge. The snow-covered mountains are a delightful sight. The trekking route to Kilimanjaro is also quite adventurous, beautiful and scenic.

How to Climb Solo?

Many travellers visit Mount Kilimanjaro in groups or as couples. However, there are few who like to climb the peak alone. In recent years, the number of solo trekkers has increased. But don’t mistake that you climb the mountain without the help of a guide. The Tanzanian government has made a regulation which requires trekkers to be accompanied by a licensed guide. Therefore, before starting your trek, you need to get permission to climb. You will also require the help of porters throughout your endeavour.

You could absolutely plan on climbing Kilimanjaro solo. However, one must be thoroughly prepared to prevent any obstacles later in the expedition. You need to consider the following points before beginning your journey.   

Risks Involved

The peak you are about to ascend is 5895 metres (19,341 ft) high above the sea level. So all the problems faced at higher altitudes are also included in this trek. One must prepare themselves physically and mentally to be able to accomplish reaching the summit. The climbers must have sound knowledge about mountains, the weather conditions, the commonly faced problems. They must be aware of the safety procedures and measures to be used if an accident occurs.

At great heights, you will face difficulties and trouble in digesting food as well as in breathing. It would take time for your body to get accustomed to the temperature and pressure conditions at high altitudes. One will experience sickness and fatigue as they ascend higher.

What to Bring For the Expedition?

If you have decided to go solo, you should carry everything required for the hike. It includes the right mountaineering gear and equipment, adequate clothing depending upon the climate of that particular season and proper footwear. You should not face any trouble during the trek due to the lack of items. Also, do not forget to carry the medicines and safety materials. The huts and toilets at the place might not have all the required items. So bring with yourself soaps, Diamox, water purification tablets, etc. But remember not to overload your backpack as it would be tiresome to carry them.

The Budget for Solo Trip

Prior to your expedition, get the costs offered by different tour operators. The cost for Climbing Kilimanjaro would vary depending on a number of factors like the route length and the provisions provided by the agencies.