Preferential Benefits of a Frequent Flyer Program

If you are in two minds about joining an airline’s rewards program, several reasons may shift the scales in its favour. Read on to get an idea on how you can benefit tremendously from acquiring the membership.

Is it worth your while to sign up for an airline’s loyalty program? Heck yes, since it costs nothing.  But keeping that aside, it is certainly a good idea! In fact, it is a phenomenal option for savvy travellers.  As a select member of a reputable carrier, you can look forward to an excellent flying experience and enjoying fantastic perks/rewards based on your status.  Let’s take a more in-depth look at the variety of special benefits that can be availed via the membership scheme.

  • Save on travel cost: The silver lining is surely saving money on travel. The loyalty program lets valued clients earn air miles which can be used towards discounted flights and upgrades to the coveted first or business class. Worried that you will be stuck to just one airline? The good news is that most carriers have teamed up with other airlines, hotels, merchants, and restaurants. As a result, points can be gathered through flying with alliance partners, hotel stays, shopping, renting vehicles or fuelling up at the gas station.
  • Access to comfortable lounges: Thanks to the frequent flyer card you can be privy to complimentary amenities like snacks, shower facilities, Wi-Fi and a lot more at the prestigious airport lounges. This is a big plus when you have a long layover, are stressed and worn-out or experiencing a cancellation, flight delay etc. The chance to escape the hum-drum of the terminal and unwind in comfortable surroundings can be amazing.
  • Quicker clearances: Hate the unnecessary lingering at check-in counters? The loyalty program is the answer. It entitles you to special services wherein you can proceed to exclusive counters and breeze through check-in without having to queue up. What’s more, you can enjoy priority boarding and get plenty of time and space to stash your cabin gear. That’s not all! Your baggage will be unloaded quicker and be among the first to arrive on the delivery belt.
  • Complimentary Luggage Allowance: We all know that there is a fixed weight-based free baggage allowance on all flights. Travellers carrying above the accepted weight are charged for the excess baggage. However, as an elite member of the reward program, you are offered preferential treatment. You can check-in baggage above the permissible amount (up to a certain limit) without any extra cost on domestic or international sectors.
  • Enjoy Seat Preference: Complimentary seat selection is an essential component of the airline loyalty scheme. Whether you want to sit in front, back, desire more leg space, an aisle seat to move around easily or a window placement to enjoy spectacular views, a frequent flyer card caters to your specific needs. Depending on your tier status and liking you can choose a seat at check-in without any charges.

There you have it, five primary reasons for joining a frequent flyer program! You can rack up miles across the alliance network, and gain access to a range of cool perks like priority boarding/ check-in, extra baggage allowance, lounge access, seat preference, upgrades or free flights. That’s not all! Other perks include sure-shot reservations, fee waivers against cancellation, web check-in and much more. What say, ready to jump on the bandwagon and sign up?