Side Turkish Bath

Holidays form the perfect opportunity to pumper yourself and relax away from your everyday routine. Holiday Town Side offers a plethora of activities which are ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. This is because the city combines the tranquillity of the sea with the serenity of the mountains. However, since choosing Turkey for holidays, one should definitely try and actually experience the ultimate relaxation activity, which is the traditional and authentic Side Turkish Bath.  This experience includes two-way transportation service, a full Turkish bath experience and can be done in any time of the day, depending on your schedule and preference.

Depending on the scheduled time of this experience, a comfortable and fully air conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Side and drive you towards the area where the Turkish Bath is. Upon arrival, the professional and experienced staff will welcome you. They will be in charge to assist you, comfort you and offer you a first-class upgraded spa service like no other. Before proceeding with the treatment, you will be offered a personal locker in order to store all of your personal belongings. The staff will also give you a pair of slippers and a waist cloth which are necessary for the experience. Participants are instructed to bring their bathing suit as it will be necessary for this experience.

The first phase of the treatment features a sauna, which will prepare your skin for the rest of the process. The interior of the room has wash basins with metal bowls and a huge stone platform in the middle of the room. During this phase, your skin’s pores will be able to “breath” allowing you to feel revitalized. After that, a professional will proceed with a full body scrubbing in order to remove all the dead cells of your body. With a foam massage,your body will be washed and relaxed. The professional staff will then offer you a cup of tea before proceeding with the rest of the treatment.

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This revitalizing experience continues with a 20-minute oil massage. During this phase, the masseuse targets your muscles and bones by releasing their energy. The next step features a face mask that will make you feel revitalized and boosts your skin with some extra hydration. The staff will choose the mask depending on your skin type in order to meet and satisfy your needs. A facial massage will be given in order to achieve all the beneficial effects of the face mask. During this time, allow yourself to enjoy the moment by releasing the stress.

Joining a Turkish Bath experience is not only the perfect way to relax yourself and enjoy holidays at its maximum. In fact, Turkish Bath forms a great alternative to understand and observe some cultural elements of the country. The process forms one of the bathing traditions that started during the Ottoman times and was preserved up until today. Thus, this activity is also suitable for those who wish to engage themselves with the Turkish tradition and culture.

Once the last phase of your treatment ends, you may wish to extend your experience by adding some extra services according to your needs. The Turkish Bath facility offers a variety of other spa treatments to pumper you and offer you a truly memorable and special experience. If you wish to proceed with some extra services you should inform the professional staff. In relation to that, it must be noted that, extra services are at an extra cost. By the end of this experience, a comfortable vehicle will drive you back to your hotel in Side full of energy and positive feelings from this revitalizing experience.