Singapore Tourism Awards Celebrate Excellence as Tourist Arrivals Continue to Grow

The 2018 edition of Singapore Tourism Awards celebrated excellence and outstanding contributions by distinguished people working in the industry in various capacities. President Halimah Yacob was in attendance at the star studded event where distinct experiences came to light and Dr. Kiat W. Tan won the lifetime achievement award.

One of the stars of the evening was Ms. Liza Bakar. The forty eight year old team leader of a rooftop restaurant and bar called Ce La Vi Singapore in Marina Bay Sands is responsible for guest services. One usually busy evening threw up an odd surprise for Bakar and her team. A group of tourists took advantage of the crowded hotspot and multiple distractions that kept the staff tied up and left without paying the bill. This is not a shock because such instances are not unheard of in the hospitality industry. However, what happened later is an example of what leadership could and perhaps should be.

Ms. Bakar decided not to hold her team members responsible for the incident. The staff suggested that they would all pool the money to compensate for the loss and to foot the unpaid bill. But Ms. Bakar took it upon herself and paid the entire bill amount. This was completely out of volition. Ms. Bakar was given the Best Customer Service for Nightspots award at the ceremony. Her outstanding customer service was already known among those who frequent the place. While accepting the award Ms. Bakar said that all her guests are treated in a manner that ensures they have an unforgettable experience. She puts herself in the position of her guests so they can be served well. She makes an effort to ensure the guests feel comfortable, welcomed and enjoy a friendly setting.

Ms. Bakar has spent over two decades in the hospitality industry and specializes in guest services. The more distinguished individual for the evening was Dr. Kiat W. Tan who spent more than three decades working on developing Gardens by the Bay, redeveloping the Botanic Gardens and actually greening all of Singapore. The founder and chief executive officer of National Parks Board as well as Gardens by the Bay, Dr. Kiat W. Tan received Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism award and said that he hopes people continue to serve for the betterment of Singapore and that the city state stands out for its grit, commitment and determination to accomplish wonders.

Singapore has had a great year with the number of tourists swelling to almost seventeen and a half million. The tourists spent an unprecedented $26.8 billion through 2017. Dr. Tan echoed what many stalwarts believe that such progress should not be taken for granted. Singapore has been recording sustained growth in tourism and there is now recovery in various spheres of the economy but efforts should be made to continuously boost every major sector. In fact, tourism was one of the first sectors to recover post recession. It was also the least affected among all industries but the slowdown was worrisome.

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