Smartest Choices for the Slow Movement Traveling in Bromont

Inspired by the Slow Movement, a movement that advocates cultural change to reduce the pace of life today, slow travel is a state of mind that emphasizes the quality of travel to the detriment of quantity of sites visited. In a world where speed is king, whether at work, in transport and even in leisure, this movement advocates the discovery of a country or a region at a low pace and taking care to pay attention to the environment. When you visit Bromont then you will be able to have a the best surroundings of a perfect skiing. The base of Mont Brome, this place in Southwestern Quebec is the perfect traveling place for those having a family. With a weekend familiale this is the best option for you now.

The Concept

Slow Tourism is a concept that includes travel among the pleasures of discovery, as well as visiting interesting sites. This explains that one of the preferred means of locomotion for Slow travel is the train in Bromont. The railway is quite comfortable these days and allows you to relax during the journey and admire the landscapes that pass by. In addition, it has a low ecological impact compared to airplanes that are considered big polluters.

Eco-responsible tourism in Bromont invites us to respect the essential values ​​of the notion of sustainable development. The main objective is to discover nature and the local population by returning to more authentic practices that preserve natural resources and take part in the well-being and respect of communities.

For their part, service providers and local agencies offer tourists formulas that respect the environment and the people of the country by promoting local economic development.

How to travel responsibly?

To prepare your responsible trip, find out before you go on the customs of the country, things to do and avoid on the spot. Soak up the local culture to feel like a fish in the water once there.

If you book your accommodation in advance in Bromont, choose eco-responsible structures, and do not hesitate to ask them to know more about their practices. The 3 points to check concern: the management of water, energy and waste. Use local service providers who know the destination and who will offer eco-friendly accommodation, which will also promote local economic development! Specialized platforms help you to find a local agency that will prepare you a tailor-made trip respectful of your destination and its population.

To promote direct contact, use the language of the country, at least for basic forms of politeness. Learning to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” is not much but guarantees a form of respect towards the other person. Do not forget that being a tourist does not give you all the rights, you are not in conquered territory, on the contrary: learn locals! Your trip will be more pleasant and rewarding.

For your trips on sites of skiing, mountain biking, water park, galleries, use as much as possible non-polluting gear, minimize the environmental impact, and call on native people who will advise you best.

Finally, organize yourself in your daily life, do not forget that you are local actors, so sort your waste, reduce your water consumption, use reusable equipment such as a gourd, or a solar charger and if at your walk on the beach you see objects lost or rejected by the ocean, pick them up to drop them in the next trash in sight. The marine fauna will thank you!