Swan Valley – The Oldest Wine Growing Region in Perth!

Located 25 minutes away from the city of Perth, Swan Valley welcomes us as warm as the sun that ripens grapes. Embracing with its natural beauty, Swan Valley attracts visitors to come back again and again. With different landscapes from any other in Perth, Swan Valley attracts anyone with its vineyards and climate. It is a wine and food area and is the second oldest wine region in Australia sitting on the Gnangara mound, and this means pretty much anything would grow here. It is a place for good wines and friendly passionate locals.

To enjoy meticulously in Swan Valley, schedules are not needed and clocks should be put away. Slow down yourself and relax in one of the life’s greatest adventure!

What are the must do Things in Swan Valley?

Staying in the most comfortable Swan Valley accommodation, enjoying the nature and cuisine, what else we love? Voted as the best visitors’ centre in the country, Swan Valley helps its holidaymakers to get the most out of their trip. The passionate locals and staff in Swan Valley accommodation will give hints on all the hidden looks and vineries, family-friendly places, the award-winning romantic spots, the natural wonders and more.

  • Visit the many art and craft galleries
  • Don’t miss artists’ studios
  • Look out for farm fresh seasonally grown products like table grapes, citrus asparagus, and berries
  • Watch out for local preserves, chocolates, dried fruits and nuts
  • Break a little longer and adore the luxury accommodation Swan Valley in style!

Known as food lover’s heaven, this Valley is a popular must-visit destination with luxury accommodation Swan Valley Perth. We are sure, a visit to the Swan Valley will leave you with everlasting memories and a longing to return back!

Enjoy the History and Heritage in Swan Valley!

With wide open spaces, plenty of fresh country and vineyards, Swan Valley is a perfect place for a cycle or walk. Booking your stay in a luxury accommodation Swan Valley will get you the opportunity to wander around enjoying the heritage of Swan Valley being very accessible. With exquisite colonial architecture, fascinating museums, theatre, houses, churches, and the oldest wineries there are much to discover nearby. Being home to the oldest vines in the state, Swan Valleys’ history starts more than 40,000 years ago. Most of the vintage vines here are still family owned and run by descendants who are passionate vine makers in their blood.

The Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail also receipts in the amusing history of natural factors and is one of the interesting charms of Swan Valley. A splendid showcase of picnic spots, exciting galleries, fresh produce stalls and a bunch of world-class wineries and luxury accommodation, there are innumerable opportunities to have fun and an abundance of experience.

Bring your family here to create a memorable experience and relish in nature, tasty food and outdoor activities of Swan Valley.

Why do you wait for more? Don’t miss to discover the excitement!