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Tampa Bay Florida: Top 3 Attractions

One of my favorite places on earth Is Tampa bay’s golf coast. While visiting there you can find Hundreds of activities to fill your time and give you the feel of the salt life. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to shop, Site see, or spend the day on the water this is your place. Millions of visitors from all over America flock here in the winter and summer time because there are a never ending array of family activities for you.

 I’m going to try very hard to diversify my selections for this list In order to make sure that there is something here for everyone. And because there are so many great things to do this will be easy.

  1. For my top choice, and most visitors Top choice I will start with is an ocean sunset Cruise. This is a no brainer for most visitors who go to the Gulf Coast Which Is known for some of the most beautiful sunsets on earth. The naturally calm waters and endless pods of Dolphins that accompany you and your evening private charter are truly magical. If you can afford to do so spend a few dollars extra and book with a private company where you get your own cruiser for the evening. This will truly be an evening you will never forget and it will be an end to the party boats and head boats that cram tourists together for an awkward experience. My favorite outfitter that I use every year is Florida Adventure Cruise. Give them a try next time you’re in town for a truly amazing dolphin tour.
  2. Shopping at Johns pass village and boardwalk. Probably the quaintest and most unique place in the entire area is this little boardwalk. It is located just above small fishing village and probably offers the very best place to view Dolphins From shore while you eat and drink. Many of the restaurants there have docks that extend over the water where you can sit with dolphin literally swimming under your feet. While there visit my favorite “The Pirates Pub and Grub” and don’t forget to stop At the Sandbar Where they offer the most unique varieties of shaved ice on the entire coast.
  3. Fort De-Soto state park. Last but not least is the amazing state park At Fort De-Soto. Plan for a whole day’s adventure if you head here as the area is huge and the opportunities for fun are many. The pristine white north beach is consistently voted one of America’s top beaches year after year and once you’re here you’ll see why. The park has numerous nature trails and bike paths for you to take advantage of, and don’t worry they have bikes for rent. They also rent paddle boards for the most adventurous as they have mangrove Forests and back bays that are perfect for exploring and fishing in. While you’re there don’t forget to visit the old fort from the Spanish American war, it truly is a historical place surrounded by nature and beauty. The fishing pier there is a main attraction for the angler in your group and there’s also a dog park. So bring your friend with you and enjoy one of Florida’s best state parks.