The Best Ways Spend a Few Days in Singapore

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Singapore is among the best-developed cities in Asia. It also has some of the best architecture in the world. This Island state is recognized across the globe as one of the best business hubs. Probably, you have also heard that Changi airport features in the top list of the best airports in the world year after the other.

With this and more, anyone could find joy in visiting this country whether for business, in search of a job or for a vacation. If this is your case, then will be of great help in getting a visa to Singapore. Here, we will highlight some of the best things to do if you are here for a few days.

Visit the Shopping Malls

The city of Singapore is highly civilized and has some of the best shopping malls in the world. If you are a lover so shopping and you have some money to spend, then visit the designer shops in the malls. One of the best, to begin with, is the Marina Bay and Sands Mall. It is near the CBD and easily accessed from many hotels around the city. ION Orchard is another great option you can consider. It has some of the best architecture apart from being famous for designer shops and food courts. Others include Vivo City, Mandarin Gallery and Ngee Ann City to mention a few.

Visit The Parks and Gardens

Singapore has amazing parks and gardens: both natural and man-made. Gardens by the bay tops the interest list of many people. You will not be different. The park is easily accessed from the city and you can spend the whole day here playing with friends and family. Singapore Botanic gardens will also make a great adventure for nature lovers. They are one of the oldest in the country and carries a rich history. Other parks and gardens of interest include the Bishan-An Mo Kio Park, Butik Timah nature reserve and many others,

The Beaches

Being one of the most developed islands in the world, you would expect tranquil and relaxing beaches. Both private and public beaches in Singapore are accessible with ease. Your beach trip will not be complete without a day tour at Sentosa. It is life with people and full of activities like surfing, swimming, beach football and food. Other beaches that you would like to try include Tanjong, Palawan, Changi and many others. The beaches are not only relaxing but also very clean. You can also book a beach resort and spend a few days resting from the hassles of the city.

Sampling Food

Singapore is known for exquisite and finger-licking cuisine. Since it is a cosmopolitan city, you can try food from different parts of the world like China, Japan and Asia. They also have native cuisine dominated by spicy seafood.  Tourists in Singapore prefer to try food from the hawker’s market and the streets. It is a great experience, especially seeing how the food is prepared.

Although Singapore is full of exciting activities for any visitor, the above four are the best to try if you have just a few days in the city. They will give you a memorable tour that you will never forget.