The Increasing Growth of Combining Business and Leisure Travel “Bleisure” Trend

Ruth Research and Expedia Media Solutions reported that 67% business travelers around the world want to have an extended trip for leisure which proves the concept of bleisure as a growing trend especially among millennial professionals.

Unlike the exhausting business trips of the past, more professionals are finding balance between working hard on sales quotas and enjoying one’s stay in a new place through a solo vacation or a leisure trip with family and friends through bleisure travel. What’s even better is that traveling is made more easy with a private jet charter.

What’s more good news is that most companies are open to the idea of bleisure travel because they believe their employees can work better when they’re well rested and a good travel experience contributes to better connections for business. Though the concept may not be new to some, it’s increasing growth has offered advantages on both ends for as long as work is done well and both parties agree on an extended stay for leisure after the sought after business trip.

Here are reasons why bleisure travel is on the top list of most busy executives:

Bleisure is an Affordable Way to Unwind

Spending five days in a week for a business trip and 2 days off for a weekend break with bleisure travel means you can save up more on airfare, not to mention booking your a private jet charter for urgent trips.  Executives can just book a one-way trip home when you plan to extend or even ask permission to leave on a desired date at your company’s expense for as long as you agree on it. Booking is also made easier with the technology we have.

Bleisure is an Inspiring Venture That Brings in New Ideas

Traveling to a new city for business takes your mind off the stress your office brings and with the thought of exploring a new city gives way for fresh ideas and strategies to come that your regular office routine just can’t compete with. It even gets you excited for the next work agenda you have when you get back.

Bleisure Gives You an Opportunity to Spend Time with Loved Ones

Traveling alone can also be exhausting, so if you can arrange bleisure travel with your loved ones then that makes the trip less stressful and more lively. Most companies book a trusted jet charter for their executives especially for longer business trips like 3 months or so, so perhaps travel with loved ones can be arranged.

There are plenty of opportunities for bleisure travel nowadays thanks to booking apps that facilitate affordable, faster and more convenient way of riding a jet charter or taking a cab from the airport to your hotel. Allot a quality rest to keep you motivated and ready for bigger tasks at work with bleisure travel.