The Right Solutions for the Right Apartment in Bogota

Modern and traditional at the same time, Bogotá is built on a patchwork of vestiges of the colonial era around which coexist residential districts, universities, favelas, business center and luxurious streets. Political, economic and cultural capital of Colombia, it is  a bubbling and colorful city that deserves to devote several days to it.

Find your way around Bogotá: Districts, transport, 4-day tour

To help you get around Bogota, here are the maps, tourist maps and information you need to prepare for your visit. While in your visit to Bogota you can also book Monthly Apartment Bogota now.

La Candelaria Street Bogota

The districts of Bogotá

The city of Bogotá is very large, it has more than 7 million inhabitants and its area is 16 times that of Paris. However, the South and West districts boil down to residential areas that have few tourist attractions.

The majority of the major sites are concentrated in the center (district of Santa Fe, La Candelaria, Los Mártires) and the northern districts of Chapinero and Usaquén have some attractions. Bogotá’s city center is located in the La Candelaria district, around Plaza Bolivar.

Bogota neighborhoods map

The city map above shows you the different areas of the city. It is the zoom on the right that you will mainly serve as a guide.

Bogotá Tourist Plan

Here is the map which shows you the essential places of interest. You can see that the majority of the major sites are located in the historic district of Candelaria but I recommend that you go to the north side of Chapinero and the south of Usaquén to discover other facets of the capital. Each site indicated on this map is detailed and illustrated below.

Bogota tourist map to see

How many days to spend in Bogotá?

The majority of travelers are satisfied with a day in the Colombian capital, there is so much to see in the country that they decide to leave to discover it as soon as possible. For our part, we spent 5 days in Bogotá because traveling with my 5 year old son I wanted to have a rather slow pace.The best option in my opinion is to devote 3 to 4 days to it.

Where to stay in Bogotá?

To reside in Bogotá, here are the two best options:

La Candelaria: the historic and colorful district

The most central and charming neighborhood is La Candelaria. It is the old town but also the historical and cultural heart which is full of street art works and colorful cafes. It isperfect for a short stay if you are planning to visit major historical sites in a short time.

Guide to visit Bogota in Colombia

Chapinero: the modern and festive district

The most suitable area for those who love nightlife and shopping streets is the Chapinero district towards Zona Rosa, Zona T and Parque 93. Ideal if you want to go out to modern and extravagant places, go shopping and stay in a lively neighborhood day and night.