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Things not to miss in Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is one such town which offers plenty to the tourists throughout the year. Whether you are a fan of snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and biking, you will thoroughly enjoy this place. However, there are other activities too which Bad Gastein offers. In this post, we will list down some of the popular activities that you should not miss in Bad Gastein. Stay tuned!

  1. Climb the Gamskarkogel: – There is nothing more adrenaline pumping and adventurous than climbing a mountain with picturesque scenery. The laborious task of climbing it will reward you with delectable meal and accommodation at the ‘Gamskarkogelhütte’, a hut which is located at nearly 2500 meters. The hut remains opened usually from July to September and on festive occasions too. The owner of Gamskarkogelhütte is Gottfried Härtel. It will be good to know beforehand that there is no electricity, and shower here. The drinking water comes from the cable car.
  1. Gastein Thermal Water: – Suffering from any chronic problem or not, you got to take a visit to this place which offers hot water (nearly 50 degrees Celsius) from the natural underground resources. But that’s not all. This hot water is enriched with valuable minerals and is absorbed (from thousands of years) with optimum levels of a noble gas, Radon, which regenerates new cells and boost up the immune system.

A lot of people have received relief for their chronic physical ailments. This is why Bad Gastein is known as the Spa Destination. Nearly 5 million liters of water emerge out on a daily basis from approximately 20 hot springs in this place.

  1. Stubnerkogel the suspension bridge: – We highly recommend you to walk through the suspension bridge if you want to satiate your adventure cravings. Built at a height of massive 2000 meters, it is 140m long. Don’t worry about the wind. This engineering marvel can easily withstand wind speed of up to 200km/hr. Beware of walking on to it. An individual need to have nerves of steel though.
  1. Weitmoser Palace: – With too many sporting adventures Bad Gastein, hunger is always around the corner. Thankfully, few places offer a variety of culinary treats. One of them is Weitmoser Palace. Apart from the food itself, you will greatly enjoy the sunshine terrace.
  1. Paragliding: – Austrian mountain views are breathtakingly beautiful. After a strenuous hiking activity in the mountains, you will surely enjoy the picturesque view of nature from the top. A lot of professionals are available for paragliding.

A truly heavenly place on Planet Earth

The Austrian town where you will find not only the multi-storied buildings on steep slopes but also spas and resorts, Bad Gastein is a highly preferred destination as it offers everything to the tourists throughout the year. There is no dearth of winter activities. The likes of alpine skiing world championships have been going on here for decades.  Visiting the major attractions can be reserved for days when the weather is not up to the mark for any sporting activity.