Are you taking a long vacation break from work and the hassles of life? Do you plan to take your family on a life changing trip that affords you and your family the chance and opportunity to bond and create a lasting memory of the wonderful time spent together? Inverness, Scotland is a great destination for vacation even though it may not be as popular as Glasgow or Edinburg among tourists pouring into Scotland, but few number of people who truly understands what is required of a great vacationing destination understands the place of Inverness in the order of importance and to further drive home that point, I have decided to update you with a list of things to do in Inverness tours. This list is purely based on my personal and professional opinion after years of providing travelers with information about amazing destinations, routes and many more. And they are in no particular order.

Clava Cairnes

Clava Cairnes does have a magical feel to it with the Bronze Age graves dating back to 4,000 years. This magical site is free to visit and the site is believed to serve astronomical purpose. You could have the whole place to yourself if you arrive early enough.

The Malt Whiskey Trail

Scottish scotch is one of the best in the world and a trip to Inverness brings you close to different distilleries, the most significant being the Malt Whiskey Trail, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. The feeling of nostalgia we felt when we saw them brewing their malt on site and they still make use of fermentation barrels made out of wood with no visible screw, bolt or nut holding the woods together. You can book a trip to this amazing place on their website and ensure that you buy a bottle of whiskey at their open house stores.

A stroll on the Ness Island

Scottish people once in a while enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. A stroll on the Ness Island is another one of the fun things to do while vacationing. As you would see once in a while when the sky is blue and balmy, locals would be seen walking their dogs across the three mile stroll along footpath and suspension bridges.

Play a Round of Golf

The origin of golf can be traced to Scotland, an invention which dates back to 1457. If you must enjoy a game of golf, then which better place to enjoy the stick and ball game than its place of origin. With more than 500 golf courses across the country, at least 15 of those are located near Inverness.

Kingsmills Hotel Spa

When in Scotland, a lot of thought goes into picking an accommodation and in Inverness; Kingsmills Hotel represents authenticity and history. Located on a huge estate a few minutes away from Downtown, the hotel building was grand and historic, and the lobby and the rooms looking sophisticated and modern. With a world class luxury spa, your stay in Inverness just got better.