Three countries which would be ideal for budget travel

The need to travel

Everyone likes traveling. As the year comes to an end, everybody starts planning travels to various destinations all around the world. Some people may think of spending a month in the Middle-East, or some might want to spend a couple of weeks in Vegas. All of us have different interests and different dream destinations, but one common thing that makes everyone reconsider their travel plan is their budget. Different countries have different travel costs. For example, a full meal for two people costs $80 in Iceland, whereas for the same $80, you can spend a whole day in Indonesia, including lunch, travel, and accommodation.

The places which can be traveled to on a student’s budget

  1. Indonesia

Image by Sushuti from Pixabay

With a conversion rate of 1 USD for 14,500 rupiahs, Indonesian Rupiah ranks third among all the countries in the world in providing the highest conversion rate for a dollar. Therefore, it is a high value for money place to visit.

With stunning natural beauty, picturesque jungles, white sand beaches, outstanding surfing experience, and the best scuba diving in the world, Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and adventurous places to visit.

A good hotel in Indonesia costs anywhere between $20-$50. A three-course meal for two people will not cost more than 20 bucks, and a bottle of beer can be bought for $2-$5. With cheap local transport as well, the average cost for a person in Indonesia will not be higher than $80-$100 per day.

  1. India

Image by Dave Parkinson from Pixabay

One of the cheapest countries to travel to, India offers 70 Rupees for $1. Famous for its rich culture, heritage, cinema, temples, forts, and food, going to India is always an exciting experience. Although not the easiest countries to spend your vacation, the thrill which a holiday in India gives is worth trying. Pricing for good hotels in India starts from $20. You can have a filling meal in India for as low as $1, however good restaurants provide meals from $10-$30. But, the most exciting part is that you can live and eat in India for absolutely free as well. Thanks to a lot of courteous temples and dharamshalas in India.

Moreover, India has excellent international connectivity. With one of the best international airlines connecting India to almost every country of the world, flight ticket booking to India should not be a problem.

  1. Columbia

Image by Marcelo Toro from Pixabay

With a conversion rate of 3300 pesos for $1, Columbia provides excellent value to travelers. Columbia provides an exhibition to the mesmerizing Spanish colonial beauty, along with exuberant jungles, and stunning beaches. With some of the best hotels in the world with rooftops and jacuzzis, hotel rates in Colombia are $30-$100. Columbia is famous for its delicious seafood, adventurous activities, funky pubs, lavish cafes, and outstanding nightlife. Best time to visit Columbia is from November to March. With the meal not costing more than $20, the overall cost for a person will not be more than $100-$150 per day, including transportation.