Tips Gleaned From A Long Term Traveller

Long term travel is not an easy task. It involves a lot of planning and the person who wishes to travel the world needs to be determined and disciplined and only then will the person be successful. I spoke to a person who is a long term traveling veteran and who runs a successful travel blog about his thoughts on long term travel and any hints he could give. He told me a lot about his experiences and given below are a few tips I gleaned from him:

  • Always make a budget. A budget will help you to manage your finances well. If you plan and stay within your budget you will enjoy your travels a lot more. Worrying about money can make your despondent, so always stick to your budget.
  • It is nice to make friends but when it comes to spending each one should be on his own. If you start spending for your new friends you will return back as soon as you started as your finances will dwindle very fast.
  • When in a new city eat at places that the locals eat. Usually you will find that the food is good and the price is also cheaper. If you opt to eat at fancy restaurants you will find your finances gone quickly.
  • If possible stay at hostels as they tend to be cheaper and if you can stay at a hostel that provides meals then all the more better. Some hostels allow you to cook your own food and it is a very good option. Food and stay will consume most of your money so plan well.
  • If you are an outdoors person then you can set up camp and stay outdoors. But make sure that the country you are traveling in is safe for such things. Some countries are not safe and in such countries it would be better to spend some money and stay in a hostel or hotel.
  • When you commence your travels you may feel that your things are not required and you may give them away or sell them on a website etc. However, many experienced travellers do not do that, they hire storage units. For example, you can hire storage units Irving and keep your things there for the duration of your trip and you can retrieve them when you return from the trip. The cost is not high and your things will also be safe and secure.