Tips to Avail Attractive Discounts on Domestic Air Booking

Everyone goes through that time in their life when they spent hours searching for the best flights but didn’t get one. With flight prices fluctuating almost every day and so many search engines at your disposal, the process can seem overwhelming.

So, here are some tips that you can follow if you want to save yourself from the stress and save some money while booking your flight tickets of any of the domestic airlines Indiahas.

Clear the Cookies

This definitely is the first step that is advised by almost everyone, but it is also one of the most neglected steps. You should keep your flight searches hidden from travel booking sites. Cookies are those tiny bits of information that store information about the domestic airlines India you have recently checked. This information, when released to the travel booking sites, is used for showing you prices determined by them.

Don’t Miss Out the Special Debit and Credit Card Offers

Many a time you will notice that the flight fares undergo special offers and a certain discount is promised when you make the payment through a debit or credit card of a specific bank. If you happen to have the card of the bank, don’t miss this opportunity and avail your discount right away.

Follow the Airlines Pages on Social Media

If there are any airlines that you have in mind or which you specifically love, you can follow them on social media. This is because the airlines sometimes have special discounts and they post about these offers on their social media page. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to know about their flash sales. If there is an airline that you frequently use, then you can also register for their flight miles program which will help you save on the bookings.

Book One to Three Months in Advance

Advance booking is always beneficial when it comes to availing the best discounts. It is seen that the average flight tickets are available at their lowest price, approximately 57 days in advance. This is also the time when you can avail some exciting discount offers from various websites. The last 2-3 weeks before your departure date is when the prices start shooting up and is probably not the best time to book your tickets.

Book Your Flights at Odd Hours

When you choose odd hours like early morning or late night, you will get the added benefit of discounts on your flight tickets. This is because no one prefers to travel at those odd hours and so the chances of the prices being lower than usual are much greater.

Always Get a Quick Visual of the Whole Month

If your dates are flexible, then it is advised that before you book your flights, check out the monthly view. Several websites have this feature where you can see the dates in a month when the flight prices are lower.