Tips to make your next Nandi Hills trip more Fun and Adventurous

If you live in Bangalore and need a quick getaway that is full of fun and adventure, head to Nandi Hills near Bangalore. Located around 60 km from Bangalore city, this beautiful hill fortress is set in lush green picturesque settings and has interesting options for trekkers, campers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Here are a few tips to ensure you make your trip full of fun and adventure.

  1. An ideal Trekking Trail

Nandi Hills is one of the most popular trekking trails near Bangalore. Several trekking enthusiasts arrive before sunrise and trek their way to the top through the scenic terrain at a tantalizing altitude with the cool morning breeze hitting their faces. The terrain is steady and the climb is enticing. This trek is popular also because it is of very moderate intensity and can be undertaken by almost anyone comfortable with walking. It is an experience that you cannot miss.

Source: Indiahikes

  1. Cycle or Bike your way up

Several Cyclists and Bikers hit the road before dawn and head to Nandi Hills to catch the gorgeous sunrise. Given the breath-taking route, a steady road and an inviting climb, you can have one of the most enjoyable cycling or biking experience completing a perfect Sunday morning. Besides being a great exercise and perfect bonding with your pals, taking in such scenic beauty at dawn is simply a surreal experience. In fact, you will find several cyclists and bikers cheering trekkers on their way up. You can also complete the experience with a steaming breakfast before heading back to the city.

  1. Soar like a bird with Paragliding at Nandi Hills

If you are seeking adventure in Bangalore and dream of flying like a bird, then all adrenaline junkies must try out paragliding at Nandi Hills. Let the adrenaline rush takeover as you gently glide like a bird, soaring over the picturesque valley over the dense green tapestry with the wind in your face and a bird’s eye view of the hills and the valley is an exhilarating experience. .Anyone above 12 years of age and more than thirty kilograms can try paragliding, with trained and skilled Paragliders taking flight for several hours. This is an adventure that appeals not just to the adventure sport lovers, but to all kinds of tourists. The best part is that this terrain is apt for both amateurs and professionals.

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  1. Have a fun-filled picnic

Many tourists visit Nandi Hills, simply to take long leisurely walks, meandering through the luscious terrain or find a great picnic spot to enjoy some fun time with family and friends with a view that is second to none. If you start early you can reach in time to behold the glorious sun beckoning you to the top, welcoming you to the gorgeous spectacle with the sun on top, the clouds hugging you in cool embrace as you overlook the lush greenery of the valley. Enjoy the sunrise with the enveloping mist and when you’re done, feast on the perfect Sunday picnic treats that you have carried.

  1. Dare to visit Tipu’s Drop

Tipu’s Drop is one of the selling points of this gorgeous hillock. Located on the hilltop around 600 m above the ground level, this point has gained popularity not only for the breathtaking view it offers but because prisoners were rumored to have been thrown to their death from Tipu’s Drop.  Go there for the panoramic view of the hill range, but be careful of your step as many accidents have known to have happened at this otherwise panoramic viewpoint.

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  1. Go camping at the foothill of Nandi Hills

If you like experiential travel, then you can try a camping experience at Nandi Hills. Enjoy the amazing hill view and a typical Indian village ambiance for a real off-grid experience. There are many resorts in the area that promote camping. The campground at Discovery Village, Nandi Hills is a good option. They provide small but good tents, and welcome solo adventurers as well as families with pets. Besides delectable cuisine, you can also enjoy a campfire bonding with your friends under the stars.

Whether you are looking for soft adventures like trekking, biking or cycling, or are seeking hardcore adrenalin rush with adventure sports like paragliding or are simply looking to enjoying a soul-satisfying picnic with family or friends, there is a lot the beautiful Nandi Hills has to offer. So take a break from the concrete jungle and head here for one of the most unforgettable weekend getaways.