Top 3 South American Deserts Worth Visiting

Drink in the Beauty of South American Deserts

There is a distinct pleasure tourists enjoy when they visit South American deserts. They step into a magical world of enriched colors found only in a work of art. Colors that surround them are in real time, rather than on an artist’s canvas.

There are three top South American deserts worth visiting where travelers drink in rich colors and natural beauty. These include:

  •  Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
  •  Atacama Desert in Chile
  •  Ocucaje Desert in Peru

Deserts, South American Style

If your usual view of a desert is the Sahara Desert, deserts in South America will change your view entirely.

The Salar de Uyuni Desert

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a salt desert that transform your former view. It is a natural geometric design on a sea of white salt.

You might even note the optical illusion when sky meets horizon as the Bolivian sun sets. This desert is located in a southwestern corner of Bolivia near the town of Uyuni, the desert’s namesake, with a population of around 20,000 since its settlement in 1889 in this isolated region.

The salt flat covers 4,086 square miles and is less than one meter ranging over the entire natural flat.

The big surprise? In the middle of it is an enormous salt lake tucked within miles of the salt flat.

You will need adequate clothing since it tends to be hot in the Bolivian sun in the daytime, colder as the sun sets and freezing temperatures prevail at night.

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Top 3 South American Deserts Worth Visiting

The Atacama Desert is the jewel of north Chile. Tourists often describe it as having the most incredibly breathtaking scenic landscapes.

Like Salar de Uyuni, Salar de Atacama is also a salt flat with one difference: It is surrounded by a volcanoes.

Salar de Atacama is lush with birds, flamingos and sea gulls known as “guallatas.” In addition, tourists are surprised by the rainbow colors of the Valley de Luna rock strata, matched only by the thrill of seeing active geysers.

The Ocucaje Desert

When you visit Ocucaje Desert with your tour group, you might want to try a dune buggy in the genuine desert oasis town of Huacachina in southwestern Peru.

You won’t miss the Huacachina Lagoon with its emerald waters or iconic sand dunes that comprise much of the Ocucaje Desert. There is an abundance of history in this region that dates back thousands of years.

South American Deserts – Near at Hand

If deserts are a special interest, it is nice to know your tour group service can arrange for you to see all three deserts since Bolivia, Peru and Chile are all located on the Pacific Coast.

Treat yourself to a tour of a desert in South America and fill yourself with nature’s wonders and ancient history.