Here’s a shout-out for all veteran teachers or those with experience in childcare; if you’re looking to build your skillset with a rewarding cultural immersion but without tourist experience, contributing as a volunteer in an orphanage abroad can be a viable option.

At the orphanage, a volunteer has a variety of tasks to undertake like feeding, dressing the children, helping them with academics or engaging them in playful activities, assisting the admin for an efficient organization, helping out the teaching staff with bringing new learning material or work for their healthcare staff in clinics, dispensaries, but most importantly it is providing a sense of extended family especially for traumatized orphans.

With an estimated 132 million orphans worldwide, there’s lack of opportunity especially with globalization and the information tsunamis we receive from across the world on a daily basis. If we want to observe our surrounding to try to change the lives for betterment, our gazes have widened its radius since the world is our oyster now. With no middleman, choosing from the best-priced volunteer abroad projects on the internet is an adventure and an experience you should not miss.

Following are the top 5 countries for orphanage volunteer projects,


Ghana is a peaceful and welcoming country with wide valleys, low-lying coastal plains, and thick rainforests. The Ghanaians are the friendliest people in West Africa: warm, proud yet humble with a contagious and calming sense of funniness. Like many developing nations, Ghana has a large number of children who find themselves in the care of an orphanage, like most of the children here are born with disabilities or mental illnesses are considered a curse to the family and therefore are frequently abandoned into the streets.

A typical day for a volunteer here at an orphanage includes teaching, maintaining hygiene, feeding, engaging in enriching activities and providing the young ones with the stability of a household via day to day chores like making their bed, changing their clothes, etc.

Ghana is hot and always humid. Come prepared for a torrential September!


Renowned as a safari mecca, Tanzania offers many flavors of Eastern Africa. Kilimanjaro, hiking at waterfalls and oases in the middle of barren landscapes have managed to attract tourists from around the world.

But with widespread HIV, minimal state welfare and poverty, many children of Tanzania are found in orphanages. The double shifts suggest that among them may have at least one parent alive but since they cannot afford bare necessities, the children are sent here for care.

By providing time and care to orphanages here, volunteers introduce new ideas, hope, and development to the work already being done. Some have even gone on to sponsor children, providing them with funding for education until they finish school, giving children with a fighting chance at future.


The hub of diversity and rapid economic growth, India is a fascinating destination to volunteer abroad. Even though it’s steadily working its way towards economic stability, due to existing socio-cultural biases and extreme poverty in some areas, millions of children are homeless and lack basic necessities of shelter, food, and education.

India provides a range of opportunities to volunteer at an orphanage, programs for basic education, personal hygiene, sports, teaching English, caring for disabled children etc. Volunteers will be placed in schools and disadvantaged communities

This cross-cultural interaction benefits the innocent locals as well as the passionate volunteers, to learn, live and love with a foreign sprinkle of spice.


Volunteering in Jamaica is the best package of volunteering and traveling. A trip with nature, culture, and adventure makes the experience all the more appealing. Remembered mostly for its crystal water and stunning beaches, the high crime rate and gang violence has made a large number of its children in need of assistance at orphanages. The projects here have safety protocols and keep volunteers mostly engaged with an array of tasks.

As a volunteer on orphanage projects, caretaking and mentoring is a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Sri Lanka

This picturesque island is remembered mostly for its cultural diversity and colors and is a captivating place to go abroad for volunteering. Many of the children who arrive at the orphanages here have lost their parents, cannot afford minimum necessities or have been abandoned or are victims of abuse. There is very little support for the orphaned children in Sri Lanka and the only option is to find orphanages that are willing to take them in. Projects here provide food, education, housing and clothing for the children, but it faces many challenges, namely with finances and lack of staff. The scope for helping and learning here is tremendous.

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