Top Destinations In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from around the globe flock to this place every year. The United Kingdom comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and the Northern Ireland and you get to witness diversity in culture. Traveling in the United Kingdom is easy as you have great public transport. The top destinations to visit in the United Kingdom are:


There are many attractions in London. The Tower Bridge is one attraction which no traveller must miss. Right next to the Tower Bridge you have the Tower of London. It was a palace and you can enjoy looking at the armour and weapons used in those times. You should also visit the Jewel House which houses the Crown Jewels. A visit to the Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard should be mandatory for all tourists. You can also visit the Big Ben, the Parliament and the many Museums in the city. Once the sightseeing is done head to some of the best places to shop in the world such as the iconic Oxford Street, Bond Street, Carnaby Street etc. You can buy luxury items as well as do some bargain shopping. A point to note for all travellers is that UK charges 20% VAT on all purchases. If you are a non-EU resident you can get the VAT that you paid as refund. You can ask the shop to help you regarding this or you can use a better option which is known as Airvat. Airvat is a mobile app which you download and the processes are streamlined and simple and it helps you get the VAT refunds easily.


The capital of Scotland should be on the itinerary of all tourists visiting the UK. A visit to the Edinburgh Castle is highly recommended. You can view the One o’clock Salute, The Stone of Destiny and the crown jewels there. For shopping you should go to Princes Street, you will find a lot of shops there and you can shop for clothes, memorabilia etc. You will also find a lot of good restaurants and cafes on this street.


You should visit Stonehenge when you visit the United Kingdom. The massive stones have been in existence for more than 4500 years. It is a world heritage site, so plan your visit early and get tickets beforehand. After visiting Stonehenge make a trip to Salisbury nearby where you can see some wonderful cathedrals.


Often a must visit for football fans as it is the home to both Manchester United and Manchester City. The city has a lot to offer other than football. You can have a great time here viewing the sights and also buy wonderful memorabilia.

Lake District:

For people who love the great outdoors then the Lake District should be on their itinerary. Nature has bestowed the Lake District with a lot of greenery along with innumerable lakes, valleys and woods. You can go on hiking trails or bike along the many lakes. The weather is great here and you can sometimes view all the four seasons in one day here.