Top reasons for taking Abu Dhabi cruise vacation on your trip to Dubai

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Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates positioned on South Coast towards the Persian Gulf. The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, is a bustling city which used to be a fishing village but now it is developed. Its veritable metropolis mixes the new and old and yet it retains its traditional charm. Dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi is very popular among the travellers. Take a ride on the dhow and enjoy the views of Arabian palaces and fort, religious mosques, and move past the vast stretches of nature. To behold the sight of the city being lit up in all its glory, you may take Abu Dhabi cruise during the evening and night. Besides, the cruise terminal has many things like duty free shops, ATMs, post office and several souvenir shops. When you are on a cruise in Abu Dhabi, you may check out the top attractions.

Behold the top attractions of Abu Dhabi

The moment the cruise ship fixes at Abu Dhabi, henceforth you can discover the chief attractions easily. Enroute, you may check out popular landmarks such as Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyen mosque along with the guide. Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is a traditional desert Bedouin camp so popular. Your cruise ship will pass by the same spot exactly and you will stop here to learn about the bygone days. Following this, a visit to Zayed Centre will bring to life the story of Sheikh Zayed. After checking all these attractions, you will head towards the ship for your travel onwards. The shore excursion may be completed within 4-5 hours maximum. You can take a private excursion to save time and energy.

Dubai Creekside Park  

Dubai Creek separates Deira in Dubai and Bur Dubai portion, and is a busy saltwater inlet with cruise ships and dhows moving all the way to and from Arabia, East Africa and India. In order to tour the back and Creek, jump to a water taxi. Abu Dhabi cruise is world famous that saunters all along waterfront trail and runs between the Gulf waters and the Creekside Park. In the Creekside Park, you can enjoy a variety of activities like mini-golfing, a visit to the park, fishing and dining in food courts.

Explore the Jumeirah Park

Exploring Jumeirah Park is the part of Abu Dhabi cruise package whereby Jumeirah beach tends to flaunt its clear and soft waters. At times, the beach stays very crowded. Over here, you have all sorts of facilities like food outlets, washroom, shower areas, picnic spots, etc. On Mondays, children and women can enjoy to the fullest for the day is set for them. Jumeirah Park is situated 2 miles away from cruise Port in the southern region.

The desert outside Abu Dhabi

Outside the city of Abu Dhabi is the desert which may be explored on a 4-wheeler. After the safari ride, visit the famous and traditional Bedouin village, enjoy delicious feast and belly dancing for fun and entertainment.

Cruises available from Dubai

A typical travel itinerary or a cruising tour in Abu Dhabi will encompass a tour to Gulf of Arabia where you may visit cities like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Muscat. Some of the extensive cruises to India and Far East, Mediterranean regions, are also available.

You may travel from the airport to Dubai cruise in a cab. Dubai Airport is situated 3 miles towards the North side of City Centre.

What else you may do in Abu Dhabi?

Besides cruising the waters on an Abu Dhabi cruise ship, there are various activities to undertake. Abu Dhabi, the land of beauty and contrast, gives you plenty of scope to buy hand-loomed carpet, enjoy rollercoaster rides, dine in the highest high tea and explore the best mosques, museums and towers. Abu Dhabi is an ideal destination to begin cruising towards Goa, Singapore and Athens.

You may cruise from Abu Dhabi to most of the fascinating destinations. But, you need to make earlier booking to avoid the last minute rush. Before booking the perfect sailing, check out your travel itinerary. Abu Dhabi is often addressed as an ‘Arabian Jewel’ which is enough to testify to its flashy monuments and architecture. Abu Dhabi cruise will show you the entire city but in a different way.