Top Tourist Attractions In Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is still considered one of the most leading Egyptian cities in the diversity of tourism activities and the most welcoming to visitors from inside and outside Egypt who want to get fun by visiting entertainment places in Sharm El Sheikh and also book the best places to stay there through websites such as which offers the top hotels in Sharm El Sheikh city.

1- Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh.

One of the most touristy areas in Sharm El Sheikh, providing an atmosphere of joy and a loud nightlife, well suited to capture the most beautiful photographs. The venue also includes an open theater that performs a lyric or musical show every night, along with a large number of fine restaurants and cafes that provide services to visitors. This is in addition to shops to buy.

2- Ghibli Raceway.

It is one of the best places for tourism in Sharm for fans of adventure and excitement in a place that is the only and largest of its kind in the Sinai for car racing while providing all means of safety and comfort, including private uniforms and the latest racing cars. Ghibli area also organizes global motor racing competitions, and there you will find the unparalleled fun of driving professionals and racing enthusiasts.

3- Riding the glass boat.

One of the most amazing activities that you can take during the tourism trip in Sharm El Sheikh through a submarine that penetrates the boundaries of the clear Sharm El Sheikh sea to see the most wonderful marine creatures and colorful coral reefs below you through the glass bottom of the submarine.

4- The Stable.

One of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh, specifically in Naama Bay, which offers a new idea for entertainment and fun by enjoying the experience of riding on the beachfront. The stable is one of the tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh that attracts the attention and visits of a large number of tourists coming to the city.