Travel to Menorca and transport on Menorca

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The only way to travel to Menorca is by plane. In the summer months this can be done via a direct flight, in the winter you will have to make a stopover. On Menorca you can move around the easiest with a rental car. You can easily visit all parts of the island with a car. If you prefer not to drive a car on your vacation, you can of course also choose to rent a scooter or bicycle. If you go cycling you must keep in mind that the central part of the island is quite hilly. You can also use public transportation. This is relatively well arranged and cheap.

Flying to Menorca

In the summer months you can fly directly to Menorca from multiple airports.A flight from to Menorca will take approximately two hours from Belgium, which will be 10 to 15 minutes shorter. The return flight will take approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes longer.

The rest of the year there are no direct flights from the Benelux to Menorca. If you still want to visit this Spanish island, you can fly to Madrid via Madrid. You must keep in mind that the flight will take considerably longer due to the transfer.

A flight to Menorca in high season is usually filled with young families. This also means that quite a few children will be on the run. This can cause some unrest during the flight. So you can bring the best earplugs. If you fly with young children, make sure there is enough distraction.

The airport of Menorca is small, but fully equipped. You can use free Wi-Fi and there are several shops and restaurants where you can buy the latest souvenirs and eat something before your flight. However, there is no luggage deposit or the possibility to rent lockers.


If you have booked a package tour, in most cases a bus from the organizing tour operator will be waiting for you. If you are lucky this will take you straight to the destination. In most cases, however, you will have to wait until you have visited half the island and the majority of the bus has already got off before they have arrived at your holiday address.

If you do not have a package holiday, you can travel by bus, taxi or rental car from the airport to your destination. The bus is the cheapest but far from convenient. In most cases you will have to transfer a number of times before you have arrived in the right place. Once arrived here you will have to continue on foot to your hotel or apartment. Taxis are handy but relatively expensive.

Rental car

If you want to see some of the island and you don’t feel like taking the bus, a rental car is the best and only option. You can rent a car in advance and pick it up at the airport. The offices of most rental agencies can be found in the arrival hall at the place where the suitcases come from. From here it is a few minutes’ walk to the parking garage where the cars are parked. Other than these you can also rent a boat in menorca and have the best time.

If you do not need a car for a full vacation, you can of course also rent a car for one or more days. In almost every city or tourist resort there are several rental agencies where you can rent a small car for a relatively cheap price.