Types of Pizza crusts you can order!

Pizzas have evolved over decades into one of the most popular cuisines in the world. While having originated in Naples, Italy, the indulgent taste of pizza has traveled around the world making Americans the biggest customers of the dish. As a result almost 350 pizzas are sold in America every second. And even though the craze of Pizza has been so much, ordering a pizza is no easy task.

With the vast menu that is offered by Double Pizza customers are spoilt for choice. And it all comes down to what crust you want. Here are some variants of crusts that you can order for your pizzas!

Classic hand-tossed

Bready crust and lots of chewy texture, hand-tossed pizzas are made fresh from the dough and are a staple across the pizza outlets for their base menu. This is one of the most common pizza bases.

Pan base

Pan base is staple pizza bread that is then made into a full pizza. The ready bread has a soft spongy texture with no crust. The Overpowering taste of the bread is evident in this pizza base.

Thin crust

Thin crust is hand tossed pizza crusts that are made really thin to turn it into crispy crust that gives a crunch in every bite. For the diet conscious people, this is one of the finest taste.

Neapolitan crust

Owing its presence from Italia, the aery and crunchy base of the pizza appeals the customers. This is one of the most authentic pizza crust made straight out of hand and has unbalanced crunchiness and chewiness to it.

Deep dish crust

For people who love extra cheese, toppings and sauce into their pizza, the Chicago pizzerias launched their special series of deep dish crusts with ample space for the sauces to hold together. It feels like a pizza in the form of a pie.

New York style crust

The slice styled pizzas were the introduction of the new Yorkers who wanted a quick bite of pizza for their day ahead. The triangle pizza crust is medium thickness and gives the right balance of crust and chewiness to it. The classic orders are made beforehand in the form of single serve slices.

Cheese stuffed crust

Cheese is stuffed into the hand tossed and pan pizza crusts to enjoy the melting cheese in mouth.

There are quite a number of choices when it comes to the right bite of pizzas. Go ahead and explore the taste you would like!