Unconventional Things To do in Mauritius

You will never run out of the most Unconventional things to do when you’re in Mauritius if you have a travel guide like Discover Mauritius™ which has some of the best places to holiday in the Paradise Island.

Discover Mauritius™ helps you get out of your comfort zone, by offering life challenging experiences that gives in depth exposure and appreciation to varied aspects of the Mauritian lifestyle. The application embraces its audience differing interests by offering a wide range of activities beyond the clear blue seas. Activities ranging from gastronomic explosions through local culinary workshops to picturesque overhead helicopter views and an educational crash course on agroecology. Helicopter Tour “The Magic” gives a birds eye view of the tropical paradise as seen in travel guides. There after a pit stop at a farata culinary workshop will be the ultimate local comfort food to ease the nerves. These experiences are not only educational but also award one a chance to experience life from a diverse perspective. Known for its pristine blue beaches that surround this abundant green Island, another Unconventional way to look at Mauritius Island is by snorkeling and experiencing the magnificent eye widening beauty of the underwater world, in its truest form. The best place to snorkel in Mauritius is Blue Bay – as the name literally suggests, the hues of Prussian Blue and Turquoise streaks of this Coral Bay will hypnotize you and leave you in awe! If you are not a water baby but love the fresh salty taste of the Indian Ocean, then a ride to La Prairie beach is something you cannot miss. While the delightfully scenic drive towards the beach is already a trip in itself, La Prairie Beach is where most of the Kitesurfers gather due to its perfect wind force and even more, local fishermen here provide you some of the lip smacking ‘Fruits des Mer‘ or simply put – Freshly caught Fish of the ocean that are cooked with citrus flavors and Salt, that’s the way to Discover Mauritius™