1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a well-known site for discovering momentary outfitted Bogota apartment rentals and if you are planning to stay in Bogota for less than a month, this may be the best choice for you, with rooms from USD$10/night to whole extravagance condos at $500/night.

In the event that you will be in Bogota for 3-6 months, you could contact the clients on Airbnb to inquire as to whether they would consent to a less expensive month to month cost for Bogota short term rentals.


Home Exchange allows you to get some free/modest Bogota apartments for up to two weeks in Bogota or anyplace else on the planet due to the free credit you get when you join. Home Exchange works similarly as Airbnb, then again, actually, no exchange of cash is included. It gives you the alternative either to sort out a free home exchange with somebody (so you proceed to remain in somebody’s home while they remain in yours), or you can ‘pay’ for the stay with your “Guest Points”.

At the point when you pursue Home Exchange for Bogota short term rentals, you get a specific number of free Guest Points. You at that point procure more Guest Points on the off chance that somebody ‘pays’ to remain at your place with their Guest Points, or Home Exchange gives you additional points in the event that you allude companions who, at that point register. You have the alternative of enlisting your own property whenever, and you can likewise check when your home is ‘inaccessible’. Interestingly, you get up to 750 free Guest Points when you join and complete your profile. At that point, you can get another 500 points in the event that you confirm your record for 25 euros. This implies in the event that you found a spot that cost 100 Guest Points for each night, you’d possibly have the option to utilize your 1250 Guest Points to remain for 12 evenings, and it would have just cost you 25 euros. Utilize the channels on the site to limit your choices (Eg. select “Optional” property on the off chance that you need a whole spot to yourself). Appreciate the complimentary gift and possibly an entire heap of free exchanges everywhere throughout the world later on!


Life Afar offers every day and month to month rentals and is best suited for Bogota short term rentals. Their month to month costs start at around $900, so it may be somewhat steep for a few. Be that as it may, the condos are situated in decent regions and have been done to an exclusive expectation. This may be a choice to think about only for your first month in the city.


APTS Colombia is another site where you can scan for momentary Bogota apartments accommodation for Bogota short term rentals. Be that as it may, the loft portrayals are a lot briefer and there are less modest choices. All things considered, the condos on offer do have all the earmarks of being beautified to an elevated expectation and offer the entirety of the conveniences you could need. They are additionally totally situated in good regions in the city.