What are the Features and Fees of Top Vacation Rental Sites?

If you are a vacation rental host and looking forward to reaching numerous customers, you need to essentially approach top vacation rental sites to list your properties and ultimately grow your business as well as maximise your profit. When it comes to the top and reputed vacation rental sites such as Hualalai Vacation Rentals, there are a handful of websites that offer best features with reasonable fees such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO,, TripAdvisor,, atravio, OneFineStay, Interhome, and 9flats. In addition to these websites, you can also find numerous other newer and small vacation home rental sites, but these sites are most popular among the hosts in the vacation rental industry.

Airbnb is the most trusted and reputed top vacation rental website with over five million rental property listing in around 81000 locations across the world dealing with around 200 million guests. The Airbnb offers substantial features for the hosts to list their properties in the site and make an abundant profit by reaching the highest numbers of guests. The Airbnb vacation rental site is a growing organization and extremely popular among the guests worldwide. Airbnb does not charge any fee for the hosts to list the property in their site and takes 3% of host service fees as well as 0% to 20% guest service fees which usually deducted from the booking subtotal. Among the top features of Airbnb, as said earlier, Airbnb offers free listing of properties for the hosts and provides $ 1 million host guaranty insurance policy.

Similarly, another reputed brand in the vacation rental industry is HomeAway which has its presence in 190 countries with 2 million rental properties listed in 25 different sites. In fact, Expedia, the famous travel website owns HomeAway and has created more than 50 websites for HomeAway to serve the hosts internationally. Hosts in HomeAway have the option of annual subscription with a nominal fee of $ 400 per year or pay 3% per booking along with 5% commission.

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