What can you do if your have flight delay or cancelled ?

The law of EU Flight Compensation 2004 says that if a flight has been delayed by at least 3 hours or this was cancelled you can claim a compensation.

The passengers are able to claim up to 600€ if their flight get in the destination al least 3 hours late.

For sure the airlines have some circumstances when they don’t need to pay you that amount of money, these are:

  • Extraordinary circumstances
  • Bad weather
  • Crew Strikes
  • Your fault

What you shoud know about how it works the compensation law.

Under this law, all airlines need to pay you a compensation if your delayed or cancelled for more than 3 hours. But there are some other cuestions to

be able to  claim your compensation. Your flight need to departure or landing somewhere in EU airport ( here are some exception: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland ).

How much money you can claim for the delayed or cancelled flight ?

So for this it depends how much distance in KM was your flight delayed, it starts from 250 for the flights that have at least 1500 KM

and minimum 3 hours delayed on the destination and it goes un to 600 if the flight have more than 3500 KM and has been delayed on destination for a minimum 4 hours.

How can you claim this compensation for delayed or cancelled flights ?

You can claim the compensation by talking to the airline staf in the airport, just go there and thell them your flight number, name and the reason

you’ve been delayed. If you are not sure about how much your delay was there are many websites on internet that can help you with that.

They can try to reject your claim for some reason, so if you think you are right don’t stop there, take the airline to a claim court. The law it’s there for be respected.

If you read this Article now and realize you have been delayed on a flight and you don’t claim it, there is a chance to still

Claim your Compensation.

The regulation EC 261 says that if you’ve been delayed on an flight you have 6 years to claim it. So it is not like some mounths or an year to claim it and

then it’s disapear, you have 6 long years to claim your compensation. If all this process it’s too much for you, there air some websites on internet like that can do all this for you get your compensation as fast as it’s possible.

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