What is Non Destructive Testing?

NonDestructive Testing, also known as NDT, is a comprehensive group of analysis methods used in the industry of science and technology to assess the properties of a system, material or component without triggering any damage. NDT is a valued technique,and the NDT technicians are highly in demand. Their skills help in saving time and money while evaluating a product. It usually emphases on inspecting a finished product and determines flaws and imperfections that could affect the efficiency and dependability of the product. Those who have completed their diploma in science subjects and have skills of problem-solving should pursue the training for an NDT technician.


NDT is used in a variety of fields such asmechanical engineering, forensic engineering, medicine,electrical engineering, petroleum engineering, systems engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering,and art. It is used in different industrial activities with various applications and methods. NDT testing techniques are applied in various industries where the failure of part/component/assemblies could lead to an accident or a huge financial loss. Testing is usually done on piping, transportation, building structures, pressure vehicles, hoisting equipment etc.

How to Take a Course in NonDestuctive Testing

To make a career in NDT, one would have to clear a course from a technical school which has been accredited. It is necessary that one completes their high school diploma in Science subjects because NDT requires skills in subjects like Chemistry and Mathematics. After the nondestructivetesting certification,one would have to complete apprenticeship or work as a trainee technician before taking up a full-time job.

Those who look forward to having a better-paid job should also take a certification course from known international organizations once they have completed an in-house certification course.

NDT technicians are well-paid,and their services are always in demand in the industry. You should consider taking an NDT course from a renowned technical school such as Spartan.