What to do in Cyprus

If you plan to organize a trip to Cyprus today we offer you a tourist guide of what to do in Cyprus, a tourist destination you can not miss in Europe. Already inhabited in the Neolithic, the island of Cyprus has been the cradle of many civilizations. Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Genoese.

Cyprus offers its visitors culturally diverse environments, a mixture of uses and customs, the result of the various foreign invasions that have been protagonists in its history. Located in a strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean, the island has a rich history, an ecosystem with many species of fauna and flora, as well as the reputation of attractive destination for those seeking a holiday in the sun and fun. You can easily explore this country by renting a car just as you do car hire in Dublin.

What to see

If you are looking to enjoy a cultural and naturalistic holiday, Cyprus is the right choice. The island offers beautiful beaches and at the same time archaeological excursions. In particular, the northern part of the island – the occupied territory of Turkey (or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). Unlike what we usually think, in fact, it is the northern beaches of the island. One among all is the bay immersed in the natural park of the peninsula of Karpas.

The southern part – the Republic of Cyprus – in its place, includes a long stretch of coastline, the best known and most frequented by those who travel to Cyprus, an extension of bays behind the slopes of the Troodos Mountains.

North side: we will find kilometers of coasts of sand and rocks, castles built during the Crusades, Gothic churches, examples of colonial architecture, temples and monasteries.
The first stop in this area is Kyrenia: with its horseshoe-shaped harbor, medieval castle and restaurants along the coast, it is an indisputable center of tourist attraction.

Near Famagusta we find Ayia Napa – the temple of mass tourism – Kokkinochoria – the famous “land of red villages” – and the Greek ruins of Salamis. The archaeological site of Salamis is the most important among those offered by Cyprus; These are ruins dating back to Roman times: the temple dedicated to Zeus, the thermal pools, the porch of gym columns and several fragments of mosaic is what can be admired in this archaeological area. You may need to rent a car in Cyprus.

Not far away is the monastery of San Bernabé and Apostolos Andreas monastery, the latter located in a very suggestive place with a beautiful sound of water breaking on the reef. It is a holy place dedicated to the patron saint of Greece, and which is characterized by the presence of a fountain considered miraculous.

South side: definitely not to be missed, southeast of the island, the city of Larnaca. Here, in addition to the promenade, it is interesting to visit the Hala Sultan Tekkesi mosque, located near the lake of salt. During the summer, this lake becomes a true extension of salt, while in October it again becomes a pool of water on whose shore you can admire many species of migratory birds.