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What You Need to Have the Best Snorkelling

Snorkellingis a nature experience and adventure at the same time. Underwater hides a wondrous world of colourful fish, corals and all sorts of bizarre marine life. Flora and fauna in dazzling bright colours can be observed from close range.

Some destinations according to the reviews of travellers, are ideal for diving and snorkelling. Sliding weightlessly through the sea, in the midst of thousands of colourful fish and corals: Diving and snorkelling is one of the most beautiful experiences during a bathing holiday.

Snorkeling in Belize is for many a popular water sport on vacation. For excellent snorkelling areas, you do not have to fly around half the globe. There are also many beautiful areas where you can pursue this hobby. The advantage of snorkelling on vacation is the relatively inexpensive equipment and that you can easily put it in the beach bag. Anyone who has ever snorkelled knows how entertaining a day on the beach can be. The underwater world enchants, almost weightlessly, you glide through the sea.

Most snorkel beginners keep asking themselves what you really need for snorkelling. You need:

  • Snorkel mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins

1.      Snorkel Mask

The snorkeling mask must fit perfectly and sit. Only then is it guaranteed that she does not fog up or penetrate water during the tour. When buying, the mask must necessarily be tried. This is the only way to check whether it is sitting correctly and whether pressure equalization can take place. The rubber closures should easily be narrower or wider. Better is even a continuously adjustable band.

2.      Snorkel

The snorkel should have a maximum length of 35 cm with a diameter of 2 cm. The end should be colored in such a way that one is recognized by all boats or floats in time in the water. You should also make sure that the blow-off valve is at the bottom of the snorkel. Blowing out is so much easier.

3.      Fins

The fins should always sit perfectly and have a high wearing comfort. You must not shake, constrict or squeeze. Especially the parts that come into direct contact with the foot should be particularly soft and snug. Perfect are fins that float on the water without up and down.

How to Buy Snorkelling Equipment

When buying your snorkeling equipment, make sure that the materials are well-made and fit all around. Grinding fins, too tight or leaky diving goggles spoil the fun of the sport.