What you need to know before your trip to Cancun

Cancun is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, and enjoy it depends entirely on you, from how you get to the city to how you’re going to move in this, so now I inform you about the best seasons for your transfer, accommodation, and experience from one place to another is no longer a problem depending on the place you go from and the services you choose.

The best thing you can do is to anticipate your trips (this will apply in most of the points to treat) because the prices are often very cheaply online and also depends on what season you use to book what you need for your trip.

First let’s talk about your arrival in the city, how we are going to move to our destinations and identify which transportation service is best for us.

Transfers from one place to another

If you are going to transfer from the airport to a specific point

  • ADO Bus

This service will take you only from point ADO to Point ADO, it does not make stops and you will have to take another transport when arriving, although it is cheap, practicality is not its strong point.

What do I need to buy an ADO ticket?

– Valid ID

– Be at least 18 years of age

– In the case of a minor, to be accompanied by an adult

  • Vans o Shuttle Service

This is one of the simplest, practical and economical ways that you will find to travel in the city from one place to another, you can choose between their services to accommodate these much better to the needs you have during your travels, so we recommend you investigate in advance the modalities that each transportation agency has, some agencies that you can get service of cancun to tulum shuttle by etransfers, these are not very expensive local agencies that will help you with the tasks you have to perform in the city if you travel with large groups of people, plus you can enjoy a trip much more private around Riviera Maya.

  • Car Rentals

Sincerely the rent of cars is your most reliable option, besides that its prices vary daily you will be able to know the city to your way and to make the stops that you want during your trips, of this way you will not have to worry because someone has to make a stop, something that if you have to take into account is that the prices already include VAT and that the basic insurances already are included in the reserve, because otherwise the initial tariff of the rent of your vehicle will be very affected as well as your pocket. Some of the agencies with which you can purchase a car rental service in Cancun are the following City Car Rental Cancun,local agencies with which you can purchase a reliable car rental service, you are free to check on different platforms about the prices of car rentals in the city that suit you, however, generally you will find it much easier and cheaper to check the agencies from their official website.

If you are going to visit Isla Mujeres or Cozumel

  • Ferry

If you visit Cancun but want to visit Isla Mujeres you can also take a ferry from the city in the port of Cancun in the Embarcadero of the hotel zone or the ferry in Puerto Juarez, both have the same cost, you can buy them online or directly at the window (recommended) because they do not have a specific departure time and that may affect you a little.

  • Catamaran

There are many Catamaran agencies in the city, but you can buy one from the internet or even in one of the packages you buy if you visit water parks like garrafon in Isla Mujeres (All have varied prices that you can choose depending on what your travel need is).


  • If you are going to stay in Cancun

This is a list of the best hotels where you can stay (they go from highest cost to lowest)

  1. Hard Rock Hotel Cancun
  2. Secrets The Vine Cancun
  3. Hyatt Ziva Cancun
  4. The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun
  5. American Countess Party
  6. Temptation
  7. Iberostar
  8. JW Marriott
  9. Grand Fiesta Americana
  10. Marriott Cancun
  11. Emporium
  12. Paradisus
  13. Dreams Sands Cancun
  14. Oil
  15. Royal Islander
  16. Hotel Casa Maya
  17. Mayan Monkey Cancun
  18. Krystal


  • If You Want To Eat in the Hotel Zone
  1. Bubba Gump
  2. Puerto Madero
  3. Harrys
  4. Fantino
  5. Lorenzillo’s
  6. Black Rose Cancun
  7. Limoncello
  • At the Center
  1. La Dolce Vita
  2. The Cancun Grill
  3. Bandoneon
  4. Maracame
  5. Fonda Argentina
  6. Italianni’s
  7. Cheester Pasta
  • In The Riviera Maya
  1. Le Chique
  2. Author’s Kitchen
  3. Balkans
  4. Restaurant del Lago at Vidanta Hotel
  5. Le Cinq
  6. Le Chique
  7. Ruths Chris Steak House

These are just some of the examples we have to make your visit to the city a much more pleasant and comfortable experience.

In addition to knowing the best hotels, getting the best transportation and eating in the best restaurants, Cancun has the most beautiful beaches in the world.