When to visit Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam after considering the country’s tropical monsoon which lasts between the months of May – September, and October- April. The Monsoons could be appealing for itself to visit Vietnam, but it is necessary to know before deciding when to go in Vietnam. helps you to make the right choice.

The Summer Monsoon in the months of May to September brings in the rain to the two north and south deltas, Vietnam would be picturesque in the rain during these times. The Winter monsoon ushers rain over the central coast and to the eastern side of central highlands draws out the lush natural beauty of Vietnam. There could be changes in this rainfall pattern in certain years.

The North experiences distinct seasonal changes the South stays almost stable throughout the year. You will not be confused where to go in Vietnam, the weather is endearing for travelers during most of the months in a year. The best places to visit in Vietnam include tropical forest national parks, waterfalls, and mountains. These regions could get affected by varying weather in the country, so it is ideal to know the weather of Southern, Northern and Central Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam

The Mekong river and Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam has beautiful mountains, boat trips and delicious cuisines to experience.Travel to Vietnam during the dry season which lasts between December to May. The rainfall season in South Vietnam is in between May to December. There will be flooding during the rainy season in the southern Mekong Delta which might cause difficulties for visitors. Temperatures in Vietnam rarely go below 20 C and it is really pleasant. Hottest summers might hit a 40 C of maximum temperature in the months of March to May. Monsoon floods could affect transport systems and tourism will might get affected.

Central Coast

While you are wondering where to go in Vietnam, take note of the best times to visit in Vietnam. The rainfall patterns in the Central Coast of Vietnam will reverse during the northeast monsoon. The Nha Trang with its beautiful beaches and coastlines is definitely an ideal spot among the places to visit in Vietnam. Nha Trang rainy season lasts between the months of November to December. Further north of the Central Coast, the monsoons last even longer between the months of September to February. The temperature of the region reaches a maximum during the months of June to August. During these months, the temperature will be in the range of 30C. These months are not ideal for visiting the beaches as the temperatures might be too hot, you can find other places to visit in Vietnam in the serene mountains.Typhoons are more likely to occur in the Central coast in Vietnam during the rains between the months of August and November.

Northern Vietnam

The warm and sunny weather in Northern Vietnam during the months of October to December is ideal to visit Vietnam. The places to visit in Vietnam in the Northern region are ideal in the months between October to March. The cold period from December to March is pristine and offers misty mornings to your travel to Vietnam. The average temperatures from March to August will be in ranges of 30C. The summer in the region experiences heavy rainfalls and can flood the low-lying areas of North Vietnam. The mountains in the north are cooler than the delta and experience rare snowfall during winter between the winter months of December to February.

Travel to Vietnam

The tropical treasure trove of Vietnam has a highly complicated weather profile. The monsoons, winters, and summers in Vietnam offer different sides of Vietnam. If you are wondering where to go in Vietnam you should also consider the perfect seasons to visit Vietnam. The northern side of the Central coast of Vietnam is often too hot during summers. This region could be avoided during harsh summers. The best places to visit Vietnam including the Ha Long Bay, Marble Mountains, Ban Gioc – Detian Falls and Phong Nha Cave are often visited throughout the year. Still, it is best to analyze the weather conditions of Vietnam on your travel dates.Ideal seasons to visit Vietnam would be Autumn season (September – December) and Spring season (March – April) to experience the tropical destination.