When travel abroad you must check out world standards of power plug and socket

You are going on an abroad trip? You must check out the travel adapter. They have different types of power plug socket it depends on different countries, it is very important to use an electrical appliance. The power connector’s link between a source of the power and device using the plug, the power connectors can carry both direct current and alternating current. The power plugs and sockets allow all electrical devices connected to the primary power supply, the national standards types of power plug and sockets can be differ such a thing.

  • Voltage
  • Current rating
  • Size and shape

All must come to all shape and size with different types of abilities, accessories, an option. An important purpose of using this connector is power and safety of the electrical appliance; reduce the amount of energy when converting to heat operation and it can save the energy.

What kind of power plug and sockets used in Bali

Now days have different kinds of Bali power plug and power plug sockets available in the market, but it depends on countries change the power adapter. In Bali you can expect the two pins of socket and plug, there is a not flat or rectangular pin in Bali but they are using round shape plug pins. The power adapter needs every country but it can differ, you can purchase online or shop with your convenience and this standard are using in Bali such as

  • Two pin plug and round shape
  • The voltage between 210V to 230V
  • Power frequency is 50 Hz
  • Using two different types of power sockets such as type C and F

The type C electrical plug is commonly used in Europe is 2 wire plug that has a 2pin round shape and it fits into any sockets the voltage between is 220V to 240V.

The type F electrical plug is used almost everywhere in the world these are similar to C type plug but it has two additionally grounding clips on the side of the power plug, it has 2 round pins and fit for any power sockets but limited for use in electrical appliances that require only 2.5 amps for your device.

Benefits of the power adapter

  • Simplicity
  • Low noise levels
  • Less cost
  • High reliability
  • Faster dynamic response
  • safe to use electrical devices