Where can you stay in New Delhi during COVID-19?

Rushing high ranking business and government officials, relaxed window shoppers, and chirping young lovers – the national capital of India welcomes all with open arms. Finding a quiet place of opulence and luxury can be hard in the fast-paced metropolis of Delhi. Many great hotels have continued their excellent service with utmost diligence and necessary safety mechanisms.

Let’s see different hotels in New Delhi that are absolutely safe to stay in during these difficult COVID pandemic times.

Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Airport:

One of the pristine hotels near Delhi airport, the Radisson Blu is decked in supreme elegance & style. Rooms equipped with work desks, free, fast Wi-Fi, and espresso machines will help you meet your deadlines or prepare for the business presentations without having to step out. Taking all the precautions issued by international health experts into consideration, these spick and span rooms will ensure your well-being – both physical and mental.

The Leela Palace New Delhi:

One of the most renowned New Delhi hotels, The Leela Palace in New Delhi offers you one of the most desirable stay-cations of your life despite the current situations. Amidst the slowed down city life and engaging picturesque cityscapes, staying at this majestic palace will definitely make you feel warm and protected. With an extremely welcoming, cautious, and aware staff that will cater to your every need, The Leela Palace in New Delhi will make sure that your trip was as safe as it was grand!

Lemon Tree Premier, Delhi Airport:

Located in the heart of the city, the Lemon Tree Premier is only a few kilometers away from the international and domestic airports. Being situated at a convenient location for ease of access in the city, the Lemon Tree Premier is a luxury hotel that caters to both leisure as well as business travelers. The ultra-lush interiors instantly remind you of the spring warmth and debonair chic-ness that Lemon Tree Hotels are well known for, and its award-winning in-house restaurants and rigorously executed health safety protocols provide you an opportunity to unwind and really relax peacefully after a pain-sticking long day of business meetings. 

The Grand New Delhi:

Out of all the Delhi ‘airport’ hotels, The Grand is the ideal destination for business travelers looking for five-star safety and protection services. Mirroring its name, the roomy and regal interiors of this hotel provide you with just the right blend of royalty and luxury that your business trip demands. With an assortment of services and facilities, their eye for detail has proven them one of the best to stay during this time of calamity.