Wholesale Travel Websites and How They Help

A wholesale travel agent is like a travel agent within the travel universe. They provide travel options to other retail travel agents who can further sell them to the customers or in other words, the regular public. There are always two ways to earn through your services—either directly or indirectly. Directly is when you work as a retail agent and indirectly is when you work as a wholesale agent. So in the travel universe, you make the services, and those other guys sell it to the people directly, while you sit back and do it indirectly.

Thus, a wholesale travel website is the kind of website that provides these wholesale services in the travel verse, just via a website. Imagine if Make My Trip had bought its plans from some other website. Well, that would have been a wholesale travel website for you. They are comfortable and relatively simple to communicate with.

So basically, if you are a retail travel agent or agency, then a wholesale travel agency is someone you require. They will do all of the hefty work of making plans and finding the right accommodations, the right cab drivers or taxi companies and everything and all you have to do is sell that plan. It works mostly because you buy that plan for them to sell it. A win-win for everyone, really.

But what truly sets them apart is that they also offer other services. One of the best ones that Jifu Life has recently launched is a Jifu Buddy Pass. It works similar to an airline buddy pass except that it is not limited to employees of the airlines. No, instead, it is for wholesale travel agents. What’s more is that this pass is valid for six months (just imagine the kind of profit you can make in that much time) and it is absolutely free! Yes, you read that right — FREE!

All that you have to do is answer a few basic sets of questions and then when the time is right (and if you are amongst the few lucky people to fill it on time) you might get selected for it as well.

Of course, though, Jifu Life is a wholesale travel website, and they are offering these services to help the other wholesale travel agents. Why then, would you not like to take part in it? Think about it.