Why Is Chiang Mai The Hub Of Tattoo Lovers?

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The first thought that pops out in many heads on hearing the word “Thailand,” are the splendid beaches and nightlife in the extravaganza, but Thailand is more than that. Among the beautiful beaches, great city life, and many adventure activities, there lies a town that is ancient and still not well known to most of the world. That place is Chiang Mai. This is a town that has its deep connection rooted with the ancient traditions of Thailand. Established back in 1296, Chiang Mai served the ancient kingdom of Lanna as the capital. Though the entire country of Thailand is a well-known tourist destination for the amazing advancements they made in the recent times, this ancient land of Chiang Mai is still an attraction point for serving to its ancient glory. One thing that has made the city to get more tourists from all over the world is its unique Chiang Mai tattoo.

History of the Chiang Mai Tattoo

The art of tattooing has existed among us from an ancient time; its roots can take us back to the time when civilization first started to form. Many cultures throughout history have taken up the practice of tattooing, but to each their was a different meaning and importance imparted to this form of body art. Even today, the art of tattoo is blooming but in a very different way. People are getting themselves inked to be a part of a recent trend and tattoos are losing their traditional values.  Almost every country and religion have lost the authenticity of getting tattooed, but Chiang Mai has kept it preserved. The art of their traditional way of inking tattoos is famously called as “Sak Yant.”

The only city in today’s world is still practicing the art of their ancient tattoo is Chiang Mai. Tourists from the entire world come here to get inked in an ancient way; many of those are even the first timers to get the tattoo first time on their body. Many people link this art of Sak Yant to Buddhist culture, but Buddhism actually has no rule of getting tattooed. The art is restricted to Chiang Mai, owing to the amalgamation of Buddhism influence over their ancient Thai culture.

Art of Sak Yant

“Sak” means “Tattoo,” whereas “Yant” means “Geometrical designs.” The art is famous because of its peculiar way of the inking tattoo. Tattoo artists are generally monks who use bamboo sharpened point or a long metal spike. These tattoos are even different in their design and are geometrical magical designs. They also come with some values like don’t steal or don’t lie. These are sacred designs so it may have the power to influence your mind with the right doings.

However, today the art has advanced and now many safety precautions are being taken to ensure the health safety of the people getting inked.

The best place to get these tattoos

As Chiang Mai Tattoos are getting famous worldwide, many tattoo parlours have come into existence and they offer both the traditional and the advanced tattoo designs depending on your choice. You can ask for the recommendation for the best parlours here from the locals. However, the best you can do is to go straight to Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai. This is one friendly studio and is owned by a very nice family. While there are no monks or master to be found there, you will still leave with a special memory from Chiang Mai.