Why Not Miss the Liwa Full Day Tour

Liwa is the most beautiful desert near Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Also it is the closest desert attraction from these two cities. That’s why people coming to Abu Dhabi and Dubai would not want to miss the Liwa desert tour to discover the unspoilt desert life of the emirates. If you are planning to tour to Abu Dhabi or to Dubai with a very short tour plan, the also you can catch the breathtaking beauty of the Liwa desert through one of the most brilliantly planned day tours of Liwa. Yes there are day tours organized to discover the sand dunes of Liwa and enjoy several desert life activities and adventures. And you can be a part of it easily. Just opt for a Liwa Full Day Tour and make sure you accommodate it in your tour plan neatly however short you may be in timing.

The Liwa Full Day Tour

The true essence of Abu Dhabi and Dubai as one of the most urban and highly developed cities of the world can be taken properly, when you also discover the backdrop of the culture and heritage of these people. This can be well taken a glimpse of when you take the desert safari tour. The Liwa tour unravels the Liwa desert, the date plantations, the old forts, the oasis, and desert flora and fauna, and many more attractions before you. These are great ways to discover and know the true unexplored Emirates, and know where they all came from and developed from to this date.

The 500 kilometer tour takes full 12 hours time to complete. These 12 hours can be one of the most memorable times of your life as you gradually discover the desert life and its beauty, and explore many other things with this. The highlights of the Liwa Full Day Tour are:

  • You are taken 500 km southward from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi as per your location. The distance to the Liwa desert is 220 km from Abu Dhabi and 350 km from Dubai.
  • the popular points of interest in the tour are, the old forts, the date farms, the towns on oasis, Moreb Dune, Sabkha or Salt lakes, the desert landscape, sand rose, and camel farm. The car museum is an optional choice.
  • If you are lucky you can experience the Sand Avalanche, which is a unique experience.
  • If you are even luckier, you may see the near extinct and highly endangered Arabian gazelle in the desert.
  • Great buffet meals served during the tour.
  • Chance to do shopping from desert shops which are for selling varied goods and items to the local people.

The importance of Liwa

The Great Empty Desert Quarter is at the south west of Abu Dhabi. Liwa is located at its edge. On the way to Liwa you can see the famous and old oil pipelines. You are driven through the sand tracks on the tarmac road. On the way, after passing 140 km, you would observe an interesting change in the sand color. The white colored sand would change to dark orange color. Texture also would change with color. Here starts the proper Liwa desert.

You would be driven through the local villages on the half crescent shaped desert. There are many date plantations and date farms located in these villages. They pack dates of export quality, which are then sent to many countries in the world. You can see them in action there.

There is the Hameem oasis, which comes first. Then there are many more on the way. The central part of Liwa is called Mezaira’a. Here are many shops on the desert. You can see the local goodies on display here and do shopping. There only is the old fort too. This has recently been renovated and opened for the tourists. Hence you can explore the old Arabian life too, and know more about their heritage.

Experiences you must not miss

Some unique things you may see only during the Liwa Full Day Tour are, the sand rose, which is a crystal formation within the salt lakes, and the sand avalanche. The sand avalanche on action makes a typical sound, and can give you a great adrenaline rush as you are driven down from the steep sand dune.