Why You Should Visit The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary In Brisbane

Australia, fondly known as Aussie, is an amazing country full of a million and one things to see and do.  Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a huge and beautiful city situated along the idyllic Brisbane River. Brisbane is famous for its great climate, which is sunny throughout the year, making it a haven for tourists. Brisbane is rapidly expanding, full of diversity, and is home to many fun activities. One of the best-loved destinations in Brisbane is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. One reason to visit the sanctuary is the fact that you can hire a mini bus easily to accommodate your travel group.

It’s the Oldest Sanctuary In the World

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary happens to be not just the oldest Koala sanctuary in the world, but also the largest. In 1927, legislation was passed, making it illegal to hunt koalas for their fur. That same year, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary came into existence, with just two Koalas. In the years to come, many Koalas were taken in, and to date, this sanctuary remains the largest of its kind in the world. It is home to more than 100 beautiful koalas that have been born and raised within the huge sanctuary.

Hold A Koala

If it is in your bucket list to hold a cute and cuddly koala, then this is your big chance. The Koalas in Lone Pine are born in captivity and are used to being around human beings. These animals are of a naturally mild nature, so it is easy to hold one. You have to wait in line as the sanctuary entry cost is inclusive of Koala cuddles. This experience is highly recommended to dispel the myth that a koala’s fur is not as cuddly and soft as it looks, but is in fact, a bit rough. The experience is one in a million and you won’t regret it!

Hang Out with Kangaroos

What is a visit to Australia without seeing its world-famous Kangaroos? A visit to The Lone Pine Sanctuary offers you a unique and amazing experience. Walk among Kangaroos in this vast 5-acre reserve. Get a once in a lifetime experience of petting, feeding, and even taking a photo up close with the Kangaroos. Kangaroo pellets are available near the reserve entrance and are the only food allowed for the Kangaroos.

Increase Your Wildlife Knowledge

A variety of wildlife has since been added into the sanctuary over the years; the first being Platypus back in 1974. The rest now include dingos, bats, lizards, bats, the infamous Tasmanian devils, and many more. Here, you get a one-on-one opportunity to learn about the various fauna of Australia, in one of the 14 daily sessions that run from 9 am till 4 pm.

Watch the Peregrine falcon in action. It is the fastest animal on earth, flying to an unbelievable speed of   389 km per hour. This is more than double the speed of cheetah which is thought to be the fastest animal on earth!

Easy to Access

The beauty about Lone Pine’s location is that it’s easily accessible for both visitors and locals alike. It is a 15-minute drive from the city and parking is available for free.