3 Reasons Why Tibet is a Life Changing Experience

The core reason why we travel is to change. Experiencing environments, societies, and people vastly different than or own deepens our personality and make us better versions of ourselves.

Now, travel destinations are a matter of personal preference – you pick the experience you are going to have! There are few things that can show you what a particular person is like better than asking them what their dream destinations are.

If you are out of ideas for life-changing destinations, we’d like to point you to Tibet. Yes, we know, it’s cold, harsh, and half-way around the world, but it is also magnificent and majestic! Let us paint you a quick picture.

  1. A place to heal

Tibet is the home of a deeply religious people who live a very simple, religiously devoted life in one of the harshest environments in the world. Yet, despite all that, every westerner that braves the journey to this land returns rejuvenated and with a new sense of purpose.

The serenity, simplicity, and devotion of the life the Tibetan people lead is something that you can rarely experience in modernized environments and this is why we are so receptive to it.

  1. Incredible natural environment

Tibet is home to the tallest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas. You can fly to Tibet, and this will make the whole journey easier but you’d be missing out. Entering Eastern Tibet through Western Sichuan will get you a view that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. You will get a glimpse of the tallest peak in the world and the magnificent glaciers surrounding it.

  1. Physically challenging

One of the primary challenges for reaching Tibet is altitude sickness. If you are prone to this, you might want to gradually prepare yourself for the journey by going to places with progressively higher altitude.

A part of the reason why this is such a transformative experience is the fact that you’ll need to physically endure the journey – it’s not an effort you need to be especially fit for, but you’ll still need to have some endurance and stamina.

We suggest that you find out exactly what kind of clothing you’ll need before you go and ask about acquiring a Tibet travel permit. Good luck on your adventure and may your every travel be a life-changing one.