4 Hotspots for Your Caribbean Yacht Vacation

The Caribbean oceans are awash with treasures and amazing sea life. They also provide a perfect view of the beautiful features on the shore. The comfort and world-class services provided during a Caribbean yacht vacation take the experience to another level. The contagious cultures and delicacies on the beaches have a lasting impression on all their visitors.

The soul-calming music and dazzling sunshine sum up the experience lined up for you. Of all the charter grounds available, only the Mediterranean experience tops it. Read on for destinations that should be part of your itinerary when you tour the Caribbean on a chartered yacht.

As one of the luxurious spots on the British Virgin Islands, Anegada is a prime destination for mind-blowing natural attractions. The pink flamingo has made the salt ponds in this beach home. Visitors are treated to an impressive variety of flora and fauna which bring life to the deserted beach. The elegant carols are a perfect example of what you can expect when you get to the island. The beachside restaurants offer a wide array of local dishes including succulent lobsters. Relax on the smooth white sand as you enjoy the break from your boisterous daily life and enjoy the peace in the island.
The island is well known for the lush rainforest and magnificent plantation houses. Visit the south-eastern Peninsula for a treat of the best beaches. For a comprehensive view of the island from your yacht, visit Oualie Beach. Hiking opportunities are in good supply on Mt. Liamuiga, at the heart of the island. Make your way through the tropical savannah for a wholesome experience of the area. If you have enough time, stop by the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park for a history class.
French St. Marteen
If you are looking for some time alone, there is no better place than the French St. Maarten. The elegant resorts make the trip worthwhile. You can choose to kayak, noodle or snorkel while on board. The open bar provides a wide assortment of drinks to quench your thirst. Your Caribbean yacht vacation could include the Dutch side of the island where you can cool off on the elegant beaches.
Gustavia Harbour
Serving as St. Barts’ capital, the incredible port destination is home to a host of European architecture. You could get amazing souvenirs from the numerous boutiques that line up its streets. The pavement cafes serve your favorite hot drinks for chilly evenings. You’ll also be treated to French-inspired cuisines in the traditional restaurants. The ruins of Fort Karl and fort Gustave are beautiful sites to behold and are supplemented with the Wall House Museum that provides a rich history of the harbor.
These destinations are bound to make your Caribbean yacht vacation worthwhile, and you’ll look forward to the next holiday season. For the best experience, schedule your trip between early December and late June.