One of the not-so-good parts of traveling is dealing with the airport. Congestion, long lines, extra baggage fees, delayed or canceled flights are just some of the scenarios that can take the joy out of traveling. But you do not need to worry that much, flightstatus24 is here to help you. You can now get real-time updates regarding your flight status and airport information. In addition to that, this tracking system is just easy to navigate, allowing users a much reliable data needed. And to help us all travel a little easier, you can employ some of the insider secrets at the airport. This will not only save your time and money but also your sanity. Before flying to a certain destination, make sure you got these airport secrets well committed to your memory. And also, before you purchase a ticket, you should know how to properly pack your luggage first. Let’s get started! 

Park at a Nearby Hotel

To give an idea, parking at the airport itself can be pricey. In order for you to save money, you can park at the nearby hotel instead and make use of their shuttle service going to the airport. You can also check Groupon to find discounted prices on parking and even an airport shuttle.  

Take Advantage of Airport Lounges

Don’t get the wrong idea. Airport lounges are not just for those passengers who are rich and famous. You can also make use of it if you know how your perks work. There are some credit cards and airline loyalty programs that provide discounted or even free access to airport lounges. It will definitely give you an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport and relax while waiting for your flight. Aside from that, sometimes they provide complimentary beverages and snacks. You can directly inquire this to your credit card company to be aware ahead of time if you’re eligible for free access to airport lounges. If it’s not possible, you can check Groupon to buy an airport lounge priority pass for around $7. 

Buy a Priority Pass Membership

If you’re a frequent traveler and you don’t get free lounge access, it might be worth it to purchase a Priority Pass Membership. By signing up as a member, it gives you access to over 1,200 airport lounges. 

Choose the Path of Least Resistance

The congestion in arrivals and departures area varies. If you notice that departure lane is overcrowded, you can consider changing it up and getting dropped off at the arrivals instead.  

Mystery Shop at the Airport

If you have ample time and you’re up in writing a review of your airport experience, you might be able to get free perks as a mystery shopper like getting a free meal before your flight. There will always be mystery shops at the airports such as at the parking, by visiting airline lounges or shopping at retail stores and dining. 

Pack Only What You Need

By means of packing only what is needed, you’ll not only save precious time but also some money. Evaluate and ask yourself if all the items in your luggage are really necessary. If not, you can eliminate them.                                                                                                                  

Don’t Check Your Bags

In order to make sure that your stuff arrives well and safely is to pack light and take only carry-on bags when traveling. Airlines allow one carry-on bag and another small item per passenger. If you’ll be checking in your bags, please do keep in mind that this means you need to wait in long lines and there’s a high probability of getting your luggage lost or much worst, stolen. If it’s really necessary to check in your luggage, just make sure that you are aware of the airline’s corresponding baggage fees. 

Make your Luggage unique

At the baggage claim area, bags can look similar to the others. In order to spot your baggage, one of the suggested tricks is to tie a ribbon or tag to its handle. This will not only save your time but also ensures that someone else might not get your baggage thinking that they own it since it might be similar to what they’ve brought. 

Four Wheels Are Better Than Two

Bringing luggage with four wheels is much easier since you can avoid dragging in your bag and push it in front of you instead. Luggage with four wheels allows you to effortlessly navigate tight spaces and even have better control over your luggage. 

Check-in Ahead of Time

If you really want to limit the amount of time you are about to spend while waiting for your turn to check-in is to do it ahead of time. Majority of the airlines allow passengers to check-in earlier than the published time and to print their own boarding passes. If in any case you only have a carry-on bag with you, you can head straight to security. 

Check for Free Wi-Fi

If you still have time to kill at the airport, you have the option to do whatever you want like browsing on your phone to keep you busy. Instead of using your own data, you can check at the airport’s website ahead of time to be aware if they offer free Wi-Fi access. Depending on the airport, free access is given only at around 30 – 45 minutes. 

Bring a Portable Phone Charger

Your smartphone can be your one of your no. 1 travel essentials since it allows you to access directions, view your mobile boarding pass and even communicate with others before, during, and after your flight. We all know that airports have charging stations, but it’s often crowded. Instead of wasting your time to fight the crowd, it is suggested to bring your own portable charger so you’ll never run out of battery.