Exciting activities to do in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

To get to Xplor Park, there are several ways to travel, one of them is using the shuttle from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, which will drop you off right at the park, along with other companions. The bus leaves from Fifth Avenue at 4:00 pm (you can also do it from Cancun) and drops you off 20 minutes later at the entrance of the park, where you must first pick up your safety helmet (you will have to wear it during the whole time you are in the park), leave your personal belongings in the lockers and start having fun.

What will you find in Xplor Fuego?

  • 14 zip lines to fly over the trees.
  • Swim in a subway river at night
  • Drive an amphibious car in a circuit of caverns and hanging bridges.
  • Jump in hammocks to fall into the river

Varied, typical and delicious food. The buffet at the end of the tour is very complete, you will find typical dishes, fast food, vegetarian food, roasted, etc.. In addition, you will find food points where you can eat snacks and hydrate yourself (the meat tamalitos are very tasty as well as the fresh cucumber water, try them).

As you can imagine this was my favorite activity. I had so much fun and at the end I had a delicious meal. However, here are some recommendations for you to enjoy this park even more.

Our recommendations, to enjoy Xplor park even more

Wear special water shoes. This is the most valuable recommendation we can give you. We didn’t have them and thought it would be fine to be barefoot, it turns out that the floor is rocky and uncomfortable to walk on, and the truth is that you will walk a lot. We had to buy the shoes in the park and besides being ugly they are VERY EXPENSIVE, we paid 40 dollars each (it is not mandatory to wear them, but you will feel much more comfortable with them).

For women: wear a one-piece swimsuit and use shorts that you can get wet, you will be more comfortable in all the attractions that require harnesses.

Bring dry clothes and a towel for the exit of the park, after being wet for 5 or 6 hours you will be cold and the buses have strong air conditioning.

Start with the zip lines, it is the most crowded attraction and by doing it early, besides having less lines, there will be sunlight and you will have the opportunity to see the jungle with the sunset in the background in the first zip lines and in the last ones you will be in the dark going through rings of fire.

If you have a GoPro camera, bring it with the accessories to adjust it to the helmet and with the water protector. The photo package offered by the park is expensive and you will not be able to take pictures or videos with another camera because the park is very big and you will waste time going for the camera every time you want to take a picture.

Tour to Isla Mujeres

Finally, we took a tour to Isla Mujeres. It is an island near Cancun. We decided on this option because we wanted to snorkel, enjoy the beach and enjoy a festive atmosphere on the boat. To be very honest, we were expecting something different.

When we arrived in Cancun we felt like cattle, we stood in line after line without understanding what we were doing, they charged us an additional tax (of which we were not aware and I still insist that it was not right because when they sold us the package they assured us that it was all inclusive). The snorkeling was disappointing, we were 30 or 40 people making a circuit to return to the boat, we saw nothing and it only lasted 20 minutes. Afterwards, we had lunch of hot dogs, pizza, hot dogs, pasta, beans (sort of a buffet for teenagers). I feel like we were victims of a tourist trap.

So, we went by shuttle from Cancun to Tulum, as we wanted to see the ruins of Tulum and see how impressive they are, it was a great time we spent in Tulum, definitely a place not to be missed.