Gap Year Travel

Who deserves a break as much as a student who has spent many years studying for good grades for college? And how can a break be best enjoyed? Why not with a gap year? A gap year is a great experience and can be enjoyed the fullest if you do some planning. Here’s how.

You may love the idea of wild adventure, but be smart about where you want to spend or travel to your gapyear. Safe choices are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Chile and Spain. A cursory search of the internet will tell you the unsafe countries that you need to be advised about. Remember the point of the gapyear- travel to expand the mind and to learn something.

Do plan your trip well. Put your things in self storage Brooklyn for safekeeping while you set off on wild adventure. This will keep your thing secure and you can retrieve them on your return.

It’s nice to leave travel to chance, but not when it comes to stay and accommodation. You need to get your hotel/hostel details in order before you arrive at a destination, not when you land there. Also, if there are certain museums, experiences you’re keen on taking in, do book in advance so as to not miss out on the experience.

Be smart about your packing. Things like swimsuits you can buy at the country you’re visiting. Small bottles of shampoo, packs of toothpaste, travel-size perfume are sufficient. Certain things you need to have- good, comfortable shoes, deodorant, a stole or scarf to cover your head, face, or tie around you at the beach or when you’re in a conservative environment, insect repellent and so on. Pack smart because you’ll be carrying your stuff for the most part. Make sure you’re carrying an extensive medical kit. Your regular medicines, your preferred brand of sanitary care products, general medicine for cold, flu, stomach bugs and aches and pains should all be in it.

Keep someone informed about your plans. If you’re planning a wilderness trek, a trip to some place remote, even a night out on the town, tell your hostel mates, family members or someone you can trust. Keeping this point in mind, family worries when you’re not in touch. Do take the time to let them know that you’re alright. It’s easier today, what with social media and communication apps.

Be aware of your surroundings. When you’re checking in or checking out, when you’re at a bar ordering a drink, using the restroom, travelling back from a party or gig- be mindful of your surroundings. It’s possible for anyone to become a victim of a scam or a horrible idea. Just keep your eyes open, be mindful of your belongings and take care of yourself. It’s a good idea to not travel with all your money. Keep copies of your tickets, passports and permits in your luggage in your room. Send yourself a copy as well, by email. List your emergency contacts on the phone or in a sheet of paper that you can then put in your wallet and know where to find help, locally.

A bit of planning and you can truly have a great gap year.