How to Plan Your First Ski Trip

So, you want to bite the snow bullet and actually get around to planning that long-awaited ski trip – but perhaps you don’t know where to start? Check out this first-timer FAQ to help get you on the right track to the slopes! For a snow sure resort, skiing holidays Val Thorens could be the answer to your location questions. There is something to suit all levels of skiers (and

snowboarders) ranging from beginner to expert!

How do I book a ski holiday?

Firstly, getting the flights, transfers and accommodation sorted is a must. Finding a resort that is going to work for all the members of your group is also vital. If you have a mix of beginners and experts, pick a resort like Val Thorens which can cater for everyone. Check out the ratings from other travellers as well, is the resort beginner friendly? Do they have a highly recommended ski school?

Do I need ski lessons before I go? Or should I wait until I’m there?

Even if your friends say that they can teach you to ski, always get lessons for your first time skiing. You’ll be with a knowledgeable instructor, and other people of the same ability as you. If you don’t want to be a complete skiing novice on the slopes, you can always take some ski lessons at home before you fly out.

Where can I stay when skiing?

There are lots of accommodation options when it comes to skiing holidays, chalets and apartments being the most popular. For a relaxed and sociable vibe, chalets might be right up your street, or if you want flexibility and your own space, an apartment sounds like the right choice. There are also many hotels which will have restaurants and leisure facilities.

What else is there to do off the slopes?

A common myth with ski holidays is that you should only be skiing, there’s nothing else to do. This is completely false – there’s plenty on offer that doesn’t revolve around strapping on skis. Lots of resorts have relaxing spas and swimming pools. There are also other fun ways to explore the area, like walking trails in snowshoes or even speeding through the snow on a snowmobile.

When is the best time to go skiing?

This is often a question widely debated by ski fanatics everywhere. There’s always a lively and party atmosphere on the slopes during December and the New Year. Whilst in January the slopes tend to quieten down slightly and you’ll get to enjoy some fresh snow! Or, as many people are now doing, opting for a spring ski holiday will mean longer days, sunnier skies and softer snow – a triple win.

What skiing equipment do I need?

When it comes to your first-time skiing, don’t rush out and buy all the equipment – you might get to the slopes, hate it and then be stuck with rather expensive equipment that will only gather dust in a garage. Hiring your equipment for the first-time is the best advice out there. Just make sure you bring enough layers with you, you’ll need a ski jacket, gloves, and goggles to ski in. Throw in some ski socks and plenty of thermal layers and you’re onto a winning combination. Pack some sturdy shoes, a hat and gloves for any off-slope activities.

What is après ski?

After a hard-day’s skiing on the mountain, it’s time to let loose, have some well-deserved fun and meet some new people before having a nice dinner. There’s lots of après ski activities to choose from including, enjoying some live entertainment, having some drinks or maybe just indulging in a tasty hot chocolate!

What else do I need to do before I go?

Get some travel insurance suited specifically for skiing – this way you’ll have total peace of mind when you’re skiing. Exchange your currency before you get to the airport or the resort, it’s always cheaper and better value to do this in a travel agents or bank rather than an airport kiosk. Check the weather forecast before you pack, the weather can be unpredictable, so keep an eye on the weather to know what exactly you should be bringing with you.