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Join us at paragliding Bled adventure

Paragliding Bled is probably the most awesome of all paragliding adventures. Paragliding is the simplest way to fly, and flying in a tandem with an experienced pilot feels like you are sitting on a cloud, observing stunning views around you. You get the best seat possible to be able to enjoy the view of a lifetime.

Visit and plan the perfect paragliding Bled trip with Altitude activities. The whole paragliding Bled experience will last about 2 hours, with up to 30 minutes in the air. Our agency, Altitude adventures, provides all the necessary equipment, the only thing you need to do is to carry this equipment from our van to the take-off point. After some initial instructions, you will out your helmet on, strap your harness, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. 

How does it feel to paraglide?

While paragliding Bled, you feel like you own the sky, the fear is gone, all you can hear is silence and your sighs because of the most amazing view you ever got a chance to experience. Paragliding Bled is a great deal of fun and it is safe, thanks to our certified pilots with loads of years of experience. Our guides and pilots are known to be experts on their field, so we guarantee that your paragliding Bled experience will be fun, safe, and mesmerising.

Experience flying first-hand with paragliding Bled. Enjoy the jaw dropping beauty of lake Bled from above. Experience incredible views of the Julian Alps. Get to know the natural habitat of birds. Fly high and enjoy every second of it.

What do I need in order to go paragliding?

You do not need any experience to come paragliding with us. Our experienced pilot will take care of everything and you will just relax and enjoy panoramic views of the breath taking lake Bled, with its island and castle. You will be able to witness the majestic surrounding of Bled, and be blown away by beauty of the Gorenjska region. Paragliding Bled is one of the most fulfilling experiences as you will fly over some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. So join us for a paragliding experience with professional, enthusiastic, fun and highly skilled paragliding pilots.

Do you want to know why the birds keep singing? Join us at paragliding Bled and we will reveal the secret. Get the thrill of a lifetime with an unforgettable paragliding Bled experience.