You hit the great open road and take you wherever your gas tank lets you. That sounds like a truly freeing experience. To anyone who has ever done a road trip with a bunch of their friends, you know how magical that time in the car can be. You bond, you laugh, you sleep, you hate each other briefly, but it’s all okay because you have a destination in mind, and when you get there, everything will be SO much better. If you’ve never done a road trip with your friends, then by the time you are done reading this, you’ll have some new ideas, and you can call up a few folks and experience something magical.

Road trips, much like everything, have evolved with technology. While before, you had to bring your big CD sleeve with 100 CD’s and you had to get just the right playlists onto those CD’s and if you were missing some songs, then I guess you’d just have to sing them. Things have changed. You no longer need a map, or a dashboard GPS system that hasn’t been updated in… ever… that takes down a bunch of roads that just don’t exist anymore. We’ve got some technology for you that may just help.

First and foremost, and I’m sure you didn’t even consider this, even if you are an expert road tripper, get yourself a WiFi Hotspot… something like Nighthawk or Solis from Skyroam (great for international travel!). Your cellphone might come in and out of signal, but these WiFi hotspots use a number of different cellphone carriers to get you a signal, so you’ll never be without one. Also, they frequently allow for multi-device pairing, so all of your friends can be on the same hotspot and enjoying the same reliable internet service, and from there, the rest is easy.

Once your WiFi Hotspot is set up, you can listen to endless hours of YouTube videos or Spotify. You can stream movies in the backseat while listening to podcasts in the driver’s seat. You have an endless stream of novels available to you from any one of the audio book websites available. Your world opens up for you when you have constant and reliable internet.

Sure, you can totally rely on your cellphone’s ability to maintain the internet, but I wouldn’t, because a WiFi hotspot is literally designed to only catch internet, so I would bet that it’s ability to do so is much greater than your cellphone which is designed for a lot of other things as well.

Depending on the length of your road trip there is a chance you may need more than one day to get to where you are going… and frankly if you get to your destination within the same day, then you aren’t going far enough. Whatever podunk Motel you find on the side of the road, may not even have internet, and then what happens? How will you catch the most recent episode of Big Bang Theory or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? You won’t… unless you have a WiFi Hotspot with you.

Motel internet is not only untrustworthy as far as speed and service, but also security. Connecting to some random internet service in the middle of nowhere, means you have no idea what, or more importantly who, is monitoring that connection and everything that happens on it. WiFi hotspots are completely encrypted and completely yours to do what you will.

Get out there! Drive far and bring friends… but more importantly, bring the digital world with you, and never be without entertainment, because the journey is as important as the destination.