Motorhome Or Caravan

Before you buy a motorhome or a caravan, there are similarities and differences that you should be aware of to avoid making a mistake. These are some of the things you need to know:

1. Initial price

The prices of motorhomes and caravans vary depending on a number of factors. The prices will vary with the interior fittings used, make, model, age of the vehicle, whether it’s new or second-hand among other factors.

Although you can buy a caravan at a cheaper price (especially second-hand ones), caravans do not last long. A motorhome can last for many years without developing any mechanical issues and thus buying it at a slightly higher price is worth.

Furthermore, if you prefer buying a caravan at a cheaper price, you will end up buying a car to tow it. Hence, you will end up spending more money on a towing car whereas motorhomes do not need to be towed. Some people choose to save some money and use their family car to tow the caravan!

This might be a good idea at first because you won’t have to buy a towing car but your family car will be worn out fast thus affecting its resale value. If you are looking at resale value and the benefits that you will reap, a motorhome offers the best value for money.

2. Depreciation

Commonly, older caravans depreciate at a faster rate when compared to motorhomes. A 20-year old motorhome can have better resale value if it is well maintained.

In fact, you can sell your old motorhome for a trade-in or to buy another new model altogether for an upgrade. This cannot be the case if you invest in a caravan.

With a caravan, you can enjoy its services for about 10 years and then you start spending a lot of money on maintenance and repair. Eventually, you will end up replacing it with a newer model (which is more expensive) or buy a motorhome.

Investing in a motorhome is advisable because they last for decades with minimum maintenance costs while still attracting a great resale value. A great modern motorhome from a reliable brand is the Causson Titanium motorhome.

3. Ease of driving

This is a no brainer that driving a motorhome is easier than driving a caravan. For an experienced driver, driving a motorhome forward or reversing even in small spaces is not that difficult. However, caravans are difficult to drive because of snaking and it is even hard to manoeuvre around tight corners or while reversing.

It is easier for someone who has never driven a motorhome to do it with ease because it has reversing cameras, parking sensors and a normal length which is not the case with a caravan!

It is important to point out that caravans offer great comfort after you’ve parked up and settled down. However, if it is raining and you need to settle down, you will have to start by parking up, uncouple, unhook the electricity and then start the process of settling down.

Meanwhile, someone who has a motorhome requires to just park and then engage in whatever he/she wants to do. It is much easier to drive and settle down if you are driving a motorhome.

4. Versatility

Nowadays, motorhomes are well fitted to be versatile and many people are using them on vacations, a week or two for camping and even for short breaks.

Since driving a motorhome is easier, you can access certain places that a caravan cannot make or would be very hard to manoeuvre. However, if you would like to go on summer trips, a caravan can be the best option.

5. Luxurious living

Both a motorhome and a caravan offers comfortable and luxurious living environment because they have similar components in the living space. Therefore, if you can afford either of them or you are willing to own either a motorhome or a caravan, you will enjoy life on the road.

Buying a motorhome or a caravan is an important decision which should not be made with haste. There are factors you should consider such as make, model, age and even features of the caravan or motorhome before you spend your money.

However, your budget and preference will help you determine the one you will buy in the long run. Finally, research well and/or seek help from experienced people to finally make the right choice.