The Exciting Sport of Canyoneering and Whale Shark Watching

What is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering comes under an adventure sport, owing to the fact that it is risky and involves a lot of calculations and practice as well. The act of jumping down on fast flowing streams of water. The high-speed waters simply carry out the swimmer through the downstream flow. Canyoneering needs you to be under the proper guidance of a person or a guide who knows exactly where it will become dangerous for you to dive into it. Canyons that are applicable for Canyoneering are not infrequently cut into the base rock, creating narrow gorges with many drops, amazingly formed areas, and sometimes awesome backdrops. Most canyons are cut into limestone, sandstone, stone or basalt, though other rock kinds are found. A comprehensive variety of Canyoneering paths are found across the world, and Canyoneering is seen by people of all age brackets and skills places.

Where must you go whale shark watching and swimming in Cebu?

The Kawasan: Whale Shark Kawasan tour package covers everything over and out Kawasan, the beautiful place in Cebu. It is famous for having a lot of Canyoneering spots in it, and also for whale shark watching. Whale shark watching is a serene yet a very rare thing to get hold of. Whale and sharks swim across the waters of Cebu Island and are often found at beautiful places across the same. If you are an enthusiast who loves watching and clicking amazing pictures of these giant creatures swimming across the waters, you must visit Cebu and especially- Kawasan Island.

Kawasan Falls for Canyoneering: Canyoneering needs you to be under proper guidance, and always go for a tour guide or a package that includes Canyoneering. You must never go and risk your life out at these risky and dangerous curves of the mountains. You never know what lies beneath the waters on the surface. Kawasan Falls is famous for having many spots for people to dive in and enjoy the sport of Canyoneering.  

Oslob: Oslob Island is a small place off Cebu that is rich with waterfalls as well as white sand beaches. White sand beaches hold numerous giant animals swimming and throwing some splendid scenes out there to the tourists. The white beaches also have the provision for the tourists to swim with the whales and the sharks.

You just got to pay some extra bucks for swimming the whale sharks and you are there, with them beneath the waters. But if you choose not to swim with them, that is also done by having you on the boat itself and enjoying the views from the nearest end possible. Whale shark and Kawasan falls package includes everything right from the places to the safety issues concerning the same.