The Top City in Australia must be Melbourne and Here’s Why

There’s no doubt that Australia has some amazing cities. From the incomparable beaches of Brisbane, to The Cosmopolitan swag of Sydney, you really can’t go wrong with matter which major city pic. But the argument is easy to make that Melbourne tops them all. Here’s why:

The Places to Stay

Nobody has become a truly International City partially based upon its combinations. City has steadily grown in the number of beautiful hotels there. If you are high in traveling looking for luxury accommodations, the city can fulfill your needs with high-end hotels and Resort type accommodations in and around the city. You can choose from full-service hotels two ones that provide you a great place to sleep without much fuss.

The city also has balance with budget accommodation to suit your travelling needs. One of the highlights in Melbourne is its hostels which are located in every corner of the city and the perfect place to stay for low-budget travelers, backpackers, and students. If you’re looking for a hostel Melbourne has in abundance and every style and price range.

These dorm type accommodations allow visitors to make new friends and have a shared experience. If you are the type of traveler who stays in hostels, you’ll find Melbourne to be a most accommodating City. There are also mid-budget grand hotels they can be rented on short notice. Finally Melvin has a vibrant home rental market is well. You can find homes available for rent along the beach for short-term or 4 months at a time.

The People

There’s a growing consensus that Melbourne’s people are the friendliest in Australia. This might be due to the fact that the city is Cosmopolitan with many cultures here in abundance. Wherever you go in the city you will meet a friendly face, and if you ever have any problems the locals you sure that you get assistance. Whether you stop at a local cafe, a government building, or just stop someone on the street, you will find a welcoming person at your disposal.

The Things to Do

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural City, with an abundance of museums, galleries, and attractions that can give you the history of the city and the country. If you’re traveling with your family, their many activities that are both fun and educational located throughout the city.  Families will find lots to do here, whether the goal is excitement or relaxing, and whether it is Learn stories of the original Australians at the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, shopping at the Queen Victoria Market, catching a play or musical at the Astor Theater, dancing until dawn at the Toff in Town, or catching an Australian League Football match at the MCG, there are activities to fit your budget and tastes.

The Food

No matter what’s corner of the city you pick, you will find an abundance of amazing food choices around Melbourne. Head to the Lune Croissanterie and try the best croissant in the world, Drink a cocktail at hidden bar Beneath Driver Lane, and even Taste Michelin-starred food for less than $10. The city spills over with great food choices in all price ranges from end to end.

Come to Melbourne and enjoy Australia’s best city.