Top 3: Amazing Myanmar Holidays Experiences In Its Most Authentic Location

Capture yourself in a new environment mile away from your hometown, where you can explore heavenly beautiful location- stunning scenery, authentic culture, new activities, meeting with locals, munching on spicy snacks in Yangon’s energetic streets- Myanmar is a multifaceted country that has a lot of things to showcase to its tourist. Myanmar is the only destination where traveling is not only limited to visiting breathtaking sites, instead, choosing Myanmar holidays mainly about cherishing lifetime memorable moment which brings a cute smile in your face.

The introduction to new places, culture, belief, sharing genuine moments with its inhabitants or exchanging a smile sitting with locals for a chat while sipping a cup of tea- make our vacation trip to Myanmar extremely incredible. Plus, the experiences you enjoy in Myanmar create indelible memories and, sometimes, create unexpected but cherished friendships.

Myanmar is blissfully authentic with its divine location. In this post, you will get the opportunity to embark on an amazing experience of Myanmar awaiting your footstep:

Yangon colorful street life

Journey to Myanmar considered incomplete if your hired Myanmar tour operator doesn’t guide you to once encounter the Yangon street culture. The street life of this city thrives from early morning to midnight with small shops on the sidewalks- selling yummy noodles and other culinary delights. A walking tour around Yangon energetic street life- morning or night- unveils all of this and more which give a good start to your vacation.

Mandalay, U Bein Bridge

People around the world usually have a curiosity to know that, if they can see the special moment of sunrise and sunset in their own home town, then what makes the sunset moment in Myanmar so unique? Well, the answer is very simple- Mandalay iconic beauty has no shortage of things to keep its traveler busy, especially its U-Bein Bridge, which is worldwide known to explore the stunning sun fade moment over the water.

Bagan: A Land is known for its unique architectural site

Macchu Picchu is amazing, Angkor temples are wonderful and Egypt’s pyramid is exceptional! But Bagan’s architectural site is one competitive name against these famous monuments. Bagan has more than 2000 religious monuments captured the attention of many tourists to explore its history. Once you make your presence in the land of Bagan, surely the uttering words you hear about Shwezigon won’t let you miss its beauty that will ‘wow’ you

There you have the best of experience of Myanmar experiences which you can also encounter via Myanmar river cruise at its best by delving into a culture and getting a complete change of scenery.